Will there be Once Upon a Small Town Season 2?

Once Upon a Small Town Season 2: Good News, Folks! To keep you entertained, Netflix has released yet another romance television series. We are here to tell you what you may anticipate from the upcoming season.

Once Upon a Small Town’s season, 2 is the one thing that will undoubtedly have you wondering. Finally, the right location has been found for you. To learn more about the forthcoming season, keep reading the article completely.

Once Upon a Small Town Season 2 Renewal

Once Upon a Small Town Season 2
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Kwon Seok-Jang will be the director of the new South Korean streaming television series Once Upon a Small Town, which will star Park Soo-young, Choo Young-woo, Jung Suk-Yong, and Baek Seong-Cheol.

This KakaoTV original series, adapted from a web book by Park Ha-min, is a romantic comedy about Seoul veterinarian Han Ji-Yul who finds himself unexpectedly thrown into a small town and meets local police officer Ahn Ja-young.

Monday, September 5, 2022, marks the release of the first episode of the romantic television series on Netflix. After that, every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday going forward, there will be brand-new episodes available. There are 12 episodes, with the season finale set for September 28.

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The romance television series’ official trailer is already out. So without further ado, watch the trailer. If you haven’t already, then come back.

Major Hometown Cha Cha Cha vibes can be felt from the teaser, which appears to be fairly serene and joyful. After a string of tense and devastating performances, let’s hope this one can cheer up the audience and make them grin!


Netflix describes the series: “Against his wishes, a veterinarian from the big city relocates to the countryside, where he meets a policewoman, a town insider with a friendly secret.”

The Kdrama, a beautiful and straightforward feel-good show about the lives of those in Heedong Village, centers on veterinarian Han Ji-yool.

His grandfather tricks him into taking over the latter’s veterinary practice in his home village for six months while he travels through Europe. He meets police officer Ahn Ja-young, who helps him discover the joys in life’s little pleasures and get over the challenges of moving from a large city like Seoul to a tiny village like Heedong, as he becomes accustomed to the straightforward difficulties and living in the countryside.

Will Once Upon a Small Town return for a second season?

Once Upon a Small Town Season 2

Regarding the second season, there is still no information. The directors will determine whether to renew or cancel the show based on the reception of the first season.

Many encouraging responses from viewers who watched the teaser were received before the first season’s release.

One person wrote, “This is exactly the kind of drama we need nowadays. It feels like a warm hug and so healing. A cute dynamic between the trio, lots of chemistry, laughter, and beautiful scenery.

Very excited to see Park Sooyoung as Ahn Jayoung… She’s a versatile actress, and I like that she takes on different roles and genres. I can’t wait to watch this!”

The Cast

In the Netflix Original Once Upon a Small Town, Joy, the actress who has been cast in the part of Ahn Ja Young, will make her debut.

In addition to being a member of Red Velvet, one of the most well-known K-Pop groups, Joy has dabbled in acting, appearing in five K-dramas since 2016, including The Liar and His Lover, Tempted, and The One and Only.

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