Harry Styles Win VMA After Skipping It For His Concert!

Harry Styles skipped VMA and managed to win the Award. There are a lot of award functions happening in the month of August and will…

Published: August 31st, 2022 6:09 am | Updated: August 31, 2022 6:09 am

Harry Styles skipped VMA and managed to win the Award. There are a lot of award functions happening in the month of August and will happen in the upcoming days and weeks. Some are related to celebrating entertainment while others are related to celebrating talents.

Something like this was the scene when MTV Video Music Award happened and we have seen a lot of celebrities making appearances. But when it comes to some celebrities who have skipped the award show but still won then it is going to be Harry Styles.

Harry Styles is one of those celebrities who have skipped the MTV Video Music Awards and he won one of the best categories. This category is an Album of the Year and Harry has also apologized and said sorry as he was not there. He thanked his fans who supported him and also apologise for his absence.

In the winning speech, Harry Styles said that he hopes that everyone is wonderful and then, later on, ended up saying thanks to everyone. If we talk about his apology for not coming then it was appropriate as he was busy related to his concert.

Said Harry Styles: “I’m about to go onstage just down the road, but I hope you’re having a wonderful evening, and thank you so much,”. While giving the speech the singer was seen in a grey t-shirt with a house printed on it and looking straight at the camera with a smile.

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He has also thanked his producers and contributors for the brilliant making of his album. He has also given love to his friends who loved his songs. He has also thanked those who have voted for him and said that he knew that his fans would vote for him. And that is the reason why he can’t help but thank them because it was not possible without them.

Harry Styles was nominated for the evening in 8 categories. He was nominated along with great names and great categories. He was also nominated for the Artist Of The Year as well as Video Of The Year for his single. He was also there for Album Of The Year which was won by him.

Talking about his history with the MTV Video Music Awards then he has been once nominated in 9 categories as a solo artist. But in 2022 most people thought he won’t be maintaining the same history but he did. Before that, he was nominated by his group member called One Direction.

Coming with his recent appearance then we have seen Harry Styles with his girlfriend Olivia Wilde as he was coming out of an unknown place. Olivia Wilde was saying goodbye to Harry Styles. The couple are loving each other company a lot and that is the reason why they are spending a lot of time.