Dated and Related Season 1 Release Date: Is It Coming In September 2022?

Dated & Related is the name of Netflix’s upcoming dating reality series, and the streaming site has now revealed a trailer for the show along with the date it will first be available. The platform, which is well-known for popular scripted series like Stranger Things and the 2018 Queer Eye revival, has also ventured into reality TV. The candidates on Dated & Related are siblings who are also looking for love, making it another Netflix reality matchmaking series with a twist.

The singles are moved to a luxurious home in the south of France in the hopes of meeting their lifelong partner. However, while the singles are there, each of the siblings will be unwittingly observing their every move while simultaneously attempting to locate “the one” through their own flirtatious antics.

Therefore, if you enjoy other bizarre dating formats like Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle, this program might be for you. Here is all the information we have about Dated & Related.

Dated and Related Season 1 Is It Coming In September 2022?

Yes, “Dated & Related” season 1 will premiere in September. Dated & Related is scheduled to be made available on Netflix around the world on Friday, September 2, 2022.

Ten episodes will be available to watch. The approach is unique and will undoubtedly have a tonne of drama. It is going to be really intriguing to see how some of the more possessive celebrities deal with the fact that their siblings are dating other individuals in front of them. The special link that only siblings may share with one another is another theme of the show.

Who Are The Contestants Taking Part In The Series?

Dated and Related Season 1

The participants in the highly anticipated series Dated & Related are listed below.

1. The Bajors

The impulsive Bajor sisters are American citizens from Texas. Mady and Lily were the names of the two sisters. Lily, a cocktail waitress, and student is 22 years old, and Mady, a 20-year-old student of advertising, is also a student.

2. The Bishops

Kaz and Kieran, twin brothers, are residents of Essex, England. Kaz, who is 30 years old, works as a firefighter, and Kieran supervises banks.

3. The Cohen / Hahn

Chris Hahn and Jason Cohen are both American citizens from New Jersey. Chris (27) is a server and a surf instructor, while Jason (27) works as a lifeguard and a jet ski instructor.

4. The Millers

The siblings and their closest pals are from Florida in the USA. Deyon, 21, is a sports model and HR manager, while Dyman, 25, works as a medical assistant.

5. The Parsijanis

Diana and Nina, twin sisters, are from Oslo, Norway. The twins, who are both 29 years old, are experts in jewelry.

6. The Roppos

Washington, USA, is where the Roppos are from. Corrina, who is 23 years old, teaches music, and Joey, who is 28 years old, manages a customs brokerage.

Who Is The Host Of Dated and Related?

Melinda Berry of Too Hot To Handle is the host of Dated & Related. She has a lot of experience with reality television because she was a contestant in the popular show’s second season. Melinda Berry is a well-known American reality television personality, professional model, Youtuber, and social media influencer.

She became well-known after regularly participating in the second season of the reality dating game program Too Hot to Handle on Netflix. She is also a model and a well-known YouTube personality who likes to share hair and makeup lesson videos on her numerous social media accounts.

Melinda began her career as a model and has participated in a number of New York City-based endeavors. She became well-known due to her social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. She frequently promotes many advertisements and major brands on her Instagram, where she has built a large follower base.

Is There A Trailer For The Series ‘Dated and Related’?

It is true that a teaser for “Dated & Related” has already been made publicly available. The series has a catch, although the trailer begins like any other dating program by showcasing attractive singles looking for love.

Too Hot to Handle alum Melinda Berry reads in the trailer, “You’ll be joined by your brother or sister who’s also looking for love.” The trailer shows some of the difficult situations in which contestants are placed, such as witnessing their siblings make love with other cast members.

In one of the scenes shown in the teaser, a competitor confronts another individual whom he believes has shown his sister disrespect. Even while the concept of the show might appear unique, once it begins streaming in early September, it will probably garner a large audience like Netflix’s other shows.

The siblings express their worries about having to play the flirting game with their brother or sister in the clip, which you can watch below.

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