Dated & Related Release Date of An Upcoming Series on Netflix

“Dated & Related” is an upcoming reality series on Netflix. An intimate and scandalous show, this one will be just more than people knowing each other and beginning to date.

The twist of this series comes with the entry of a duo that is brother and sister. The plot goes like this: each pair of brothers and sisters will help one another find the ‘ONE’ for them. Sounds strange but exciting right?

Netflix provides the plot as – Single siblings help each other search for their soulmates, hoping to find love (and maybe win $100,000) while living at a luxurious villa.

The makers have also released a trailer and given information about the release date, which we can’t wait to share. Read on down to know about it all.

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Dated & Related Trailer

A reality television series that will be soon premiering on Netflix, “Dated & Related” is all set to make a debut. The streaming partner of the series recently released its trailer and all we can say is ‘awaiting’ and ‘new concept’.

The trailer was aired by the over-the-top streaming service Netflix on its official YouTube Channel. Along with this, they also released it on their official website and app.

The running duration of the trailer was 2 minutes and 17 seconds long. From a synopsis of the show to the display of who all will be seen participating, the trailer was compiled with numerous clips.

Interesting, steamy, and intimate, the teaser also told us about the theme and location of the show. Further, it also tells us about the release date, so if you don’t know about it already then wait for its reveal. We will be sharing that in the next section.

The teaser was released on the 4th of August this year moreover this month. It has crossed over 200,000 views in so less time. The current view reading of the show is 216,251.

Release Date

Dated & Related

As the trailer came out on 4th August, the series is not too far from its premiering. You can call it a series or reality show, “Dated & Related” is going to be super interesting as it isn’t just another show about match-making wherein men and women come together and know about one another.

The theme has been taken to a higher level with sibling introduction and we have already shared details about the plot. Let us now learn about the release date.

The Netflix reality television show “Dated & Related” will be released on 2 September this year. As we said, it will be streamed by Netflix. So gear up for its release.



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