Dalgliesh Season 2 and 3 Update- All You Need To Know About The Show

Dalgliesh for a second and Third Season is picked by AMC Networks ACORN TV and a British broadcast channel.

As we reported by Variety, the second Season will feature six episodes and it can be split into three parts, they are like  “Death of an Expert Witness”, “A certain Justice ” and the last one is “The Murder Room ” and it has each two episodes long. And mainly the episodes will be based on many stories from English novelist P.D. James and including popular detective novels.

The main character Bertie Carvel and will reprise his role as the titular Adam Dalgliesh, who drives into the darker depths of the human psyche while investing complex crimes in mid – the 1970 s in England. The second season is completely current filming in Northern Ireland and it is expected to be telecast on channel 5 in 2023.

Dalgliesh Season 2 and 3 Update

According to the variety, the Third season will be scheduled to begin shooting in 2023. however, the further details on season 3 have not been revealed which makes fans feel sad about this.


“Dalgliesh proved incredibly popular with other viewers, and I’m delighted to be working again with New pictures to bring to life even more stories from P.D James crime novels”. said Sebastien Cardwell, deputy chief content officer for paramount in the U.K.Executive producers are Brenden, Elaine Pyke, Willow Grylls, Emily RUSSEL, and Helen.

Acorn Media Enterprises will already distribute the series in North America, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico with AII3 Media International distributing for the rest of the world.

A film crew has been spotted in North Belfast on the set for the Second series of a channel 5 detective drama. The team behind Dalgliesh was captured on the home in the Carvehil Road area of the city on Thursday.

The show is based on P.D.James inspector Dalgliesh’s Mysteries tales, and he has returned to northern Ireland to film his second series it all happened after the success of season 1.

In 2021, Union street in Belfast city it was completely transformed into a 70 s market to accommodate the filming of the first series. Actors and TV actors have been already seen in locations such as Ballymena and it is over the last number of months as series two filming gets well underway.

According to channel 5’s original synopsis of the drama, and mainly the series follows “Dalgliesh’s career to present days and he solves unusual murder cases and he revealed buried secrets ” and with each of the three murder mystery films offering “its own unique setting and extraordinary cast”.

Earlier in the second series, it was announced that Dalgliesh has not only been renewed for a series too but the hit murder-mystery drama will also get a third series.

Doctor Foster star Bertie Carvel, makes his return as the tutorial role in six hours long episodes and he adopted from three more navels and each being told in two more episodes. Series two Dalgliesh [Season 2] is going to be set to air on Channel 5  in 2023.

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