Is Secrets of Summer Season 2 Renewed by Netflix?

After the successful season 1 of the Secrets of Summer, will we ever get a season 2, or will be waiting always let’s find out.

A Spanish television series, “Secrets Of Summer” is a musically romantic show. Produced by Non-Stop productions, the eager viewers can actually watch all the episodes non-stop. Streaming on Netflix, the show was released in the month of February this year.

Since season 1 went by with a good approval rating, the showrunners are planning to release a season 2 real quick as well. To know more, read along.

Secrets of Summer Season 2 Renewal Status

Secrets of Summer Season 2
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Also known as Cielo grande in Spanish, the show premiers on Netflix. The first season of the show was released on 16 February 2022. It is comprised of 11 wholesome and exciting episodes. All the episodes of this season were released on the same day so that fans didn’t have to wait much!

After the premiering of one season, fans always want another season. If you are a fan of this series, we are sure you too would be waiting for the release of part 2, are we right? Well if that is the reason you came here, you are at the right place.

“Secrets of Summer” has been renewed for season 2 and might drop off anytime soon. With even more fun and enjoyable elements, be sure to watch the complete premiering of this as well. The release date is not out as of yet, but we will be soon and will be streamed by Netflix only.

Overview: The Cast, Plot, and Creators

Secrets of Summer Season 2

Developed by Jorge Edelstein, “Secrets of Summer” serves as a good show for you kids turning teens and also your teens. Crammed with action, musical instances, romantic gestures, and thriller scenes, this Netflix show is surely a HIT.

The script-writing for the same is done by: Jorge Edelstein, Celeste Lambert, Paula Velayos, and Clara Charrua.

Mainly shot in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, the show is hosted by the top streaming entertainment platform Netflix. Further, it is produced by the Non-Stop production company with Pablo Ferreiro serving as the executive producer.

Following is the cast list :

  • Pilar Pascual as Steffania Navarro
  • Abril Di Yorio as Luz Aguilar
  • Víctor Varona as Antonio Tony
  • Guido Messina as Julián
  • Francisco Bass as Ron Navarro Lavalle
  • Thaís Rippel as Natalia and others.

There are also other recurring and main characters that we couldn’t mention but each little role has added to the beauty of the show. The plot of this series is simple and fun with hints of being complicated.

A group of six teenagers aims to save an old hotel while experiencing every phase of their teenage mood.

During the course of this time, they create some unforgettable memories, discover some truths a.k.a as family secrets in the series, and make us reminisce our childhood times.


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