Heidi Klum shared some bikini photos from her Vacation

Heidi Klum is enjoying her best life. The supermodel uploaded a video of herself on social media where she can be seen dancing on the beach while wearing a string bikini and basking in the sun.

Heidi Klum, who is 49 years old, is enjoying a fantastic morning—at the same time, donning a teeny-tiny string bikini and a matching cap, the TV presenter and model extraordinaire danced to the song “Good Morning” from Singin’ in the Rain. In addition, Heidi wore stylish sunglasses and let her beachy hair take in the warm summer breeze.

Heidi showed off the sun-kissed glow she had gained on her beach vacation in a second picture taken during her trip. As she lounged by the pool, she flashed a flirty wink to the camera before taking down her new sunglasses and displaying them for everyone to see. “Sun is out” was the statement she used to describe one of her Instagram pictures.

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Heidi and Tom Kaulitz, her husband, are now enjoying a vacation together to celebrate their anniversary. On August 3, the pair commemorated the passing of three years since their wedding.

Heidi and Tom shared a touching anniversary post in which they rushed into the sea in St. Barts holding hands. Heidi raved about Tom to Us Weekly in 2018, calling him “the nicest, sweetest, most kind, loving guy.”

“I feel fortunate. When was the last time in my life that I was this happy? I can’t even remember. To clarify, I am in the same room as my kids, but I am also with another guy. He is fantastic in every way.

The supermodel is making the most of her remaining time off before appearing on the live stages of America’s Got Talent season 17, which begin later today.

After many weeks of auditions captured on film, Heidi and the other judges will go to Hollywood to see the top 55 talents compete live in the hopes of being selected for the show’s final round. The conclusion of the seventeenth season will run for two nights, on September 13 and 14, respectively.

Leni Klum, Heidi’s daughter, has been in Italy for the last several days while her parents are enjoying a romantic holiday at the beach. On July 30, the young woman, who is 18 years old, went to the Luisaviaroma for UNICEF Gala.

The young girl, who is just 18 years old, looked lovely in the lace dress she wore to the occasion. She subsequently changed into a second outfit, which consisted of a sequined dress designed by Michael Kors, which she displayed on her Instagram account.

Leni is now following in her mother’s footsteps in modeling and is already establishing quite a reputation for herself in the industry.


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