Adamas Season 1: Releasing Soon, Click To Know More

Adamas Season 1 Update: Are you also one of the people waiting for Adamas Season 1? Are you waiting for any updates related to it? Are you waiting for any shred of information that you can get? Then you are one of the thousands of people who are also waiting for the same. Adamas is a crazy Korean Drama show. Everyone is simply waiting for it to drop.

There are sixteen episodes in total of Adamas Season 1. We are sure they are going to be amazing. They have just released the teaser and you can find it just by searching “Adamas Teaser”. But the fact that you are here means that you have seen the trailer and that has made you wonder whether we are going to see season one of the show.

Adamas Season 1 Plot

Ha Woo-Shin and Song Soo-Hyun are twin brothers. Ha, Woo-Shin is a best-selling mystery novelist and Song Soo-Hyun is a prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutors’ Office. 22 years ago, when they were children, their stepfather was killed. But there is a grave thing that is uncovered.

They discover that their birth father is the person that killed their step-father. Shocking, right? He received the death sentence for that crime.

Ha, Woo-Shin and Song Soo-Hyun soon discover that their birth father was not the real murderer. This is where things get really creepy. He was framed for their step-father’s murder and they chase after the truth. While they are at it, they meet Eun Hye-soo and Kim Seo-Hee.

Adamas Season 1

Eun Hye-soo is married to the eldest son of the Haesong Group and she helps Ha Woo-Shin secretly. Kim Seo-Hee is a reporter for TNN local news. She is a righteous person and enthusiastic about her work. But she has a secret, which is related to the twin brothers Ha Woo-Shin and Song Soo-Hyun. You need to wait for Adamas Season 1 to drop to find that secret out.

The show seems to have a pretty twisted plot, to be honest, and this is what we love about Korean Dramas. Gone are the days when we used to look at Korean Dramas as just a projection of cheesy romance and all. Now they have enraged all the genres and they are doing great at all of them.

Adamas Season 1 Cast

Adamas has a beautiful cast. We may not be able to name all the members of the cast, but the main characters and who are playing them are mostly confirmed. We want to say this very explicitly that we are not revealing or telling you the whole cast. This is all the people who are confirmed. We are sure to see some of the famous and great people on this list. You may also see some unfamiliar faces. The cast is as follows:

  • Seong Ji as Ha Woo-shin
  • Seo Ji-hye as Eun Hye-soo
  • Soo-kyung Lee as Kim Seo-hee
  • Heo Sung-tae as Choi Tae-sung
  • Jo Sung-ha as Lee Chang-woo
  • Seo Hyun-woo as Kwon Hyun-jo
  • Shin Hyun-Seung as Dong Rim
  • Dae-hwan Oh as Team Leader Lee
  • Hyung Hoon-wan as Mr. Han

This is the confirmed cast of Adamas Season 1. Be sure to tune in and watch the show when it releases.

Adamas Season 1 Release Date

The release date as we told you before is going to be 27th July 2022. The show is going to release slowly. We think two episodes per week would be the speed of the release of this show. However, we have already seen that this show is going to break a lot of records. The cast is star-studded, the story is loopy and perfect, and the biggest part is the creators of this show have given one great show before.

People are going berserk because of all the waiting and it is completely understandable. We will soon be able to watch Adamas.


We are unable to recap anything about the first season of the show. This is because we only have the teaser yet, the show is yet to release. Do not worry. We will be recapping the whole season once it is released. We will be waiting till then and watching the first season of the show. The story of the show as we already told you is pretty twisted.

There were two twins and their stepfather died. Their real father was arrested for the murder of the stepfather. Later it turns out that the real father was given the death sentence wrongly. He was in fact framed. Then the twins try to unravel the truth. That is the base of the show.

Where To Watch Adamas Season 1?

We don’t know which platform will be streaming it online. But most of the sources say it is going to be Netflix. We will now be able to watch on tvN exclusively.

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