Jeremy Shada wishes Happy Birthday to Owen Patrick

On his Instagram account, the American actor, musician, and singer Jeremy Shada most recently posted a clip of a highly entertaining video. The friendship between Jeremy and American actor Owen Joyner is obvious throughout the video. The video captures how at ease they are with one another.

Fans reacted positively to the video, with comments such as “This has to be the best thing I’ve seen today,” “bittersweet,” and so on.

The video shows Jeremy, Owen, and Charlie Gillespie being together on a trip. While wishing Owen a Happy Birthday, Jeremy mentions how much fun they had while they were together and how much he misses Charlie.

Owen’s birthday was on July 19.

This is how Owen’s birthday tribute appears

The video is bizarre, with Owen attempting to spit his food into Charlie’s mouth while trying so hard not to laugh. As strange as it appears, the video explains how close they are. Jeremy is the one capturing the video.

Owen can be seen looking around to see if anyone is watching before undertaking what appears to be a dare.

Jeremy’s most recent post is an example of how much they are still together and how much they love and share their experiences while spending time together. They appear to be very comfortable with one another.

Owen thanked him in the post. He said he misses them and expressed his love to Jeremy.

How are Owen Joyner and Jeremy Shada related?

Jeremy Shada
Entertainment Weekly

Owen Joyner and Jeremy Shada are close friends and co-stars from the past.

Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner, and Jeremy Shada starred in a nine-episode, half-hour series as Luke, Reggie, and Alex- Julie and the Phantoms. In the series, three of them were the Phantoms.

The series follows Julie, a high school teen who is trying to discover her passion for music. She encounters numerous difficulties and seeks assistance from the Phantoms, a high-concept band of teen boys. Phantoms have been dead for approximately 25 years, and Julie helps them in becoming the band that they were unable to become in the past.

They formed a real band after the series. After the series, three of the actors became very close and formed a band. They’ve released a number of albums together.


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