Ellen Pompeo Was Seen Enjoying Waters In White Swimsuit!

Ellen Pompeo having some me time with family in Italy! It is said that age is just a number if one is happy and childish from the heart. And with no doubt a lot of our celebrities proving so with their enthusiasm and their look.

If we are talking of looks then nothing could be better than the summer look which not just enhances the body of the celebrity but also set a new kind of trend among the fans. Something like this was seen when we spotted the 52-year-old Ellen Pompeo enjoying her time in a white swimsuit.

52-year-old Ellen Pompeo was recently seen enjoying her summertime in her latest outing. The actress was wearing a one-piece swimsuit which was white as she was enjoying the moment on a boat. The actress is right now in Italy and was seen jumping into the water to swim.

Let’s have a look at the Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

The actress was spotted in the middle of her leap as she was holding her breath and raising one hand to the sky when she jumped into the water. Her long hair was shining beautifully in the sun and seems like she is totally into the moment.

The latest trip of Ellen Pompeo is with her family. This trip came just after a few days when she got all the attention of bringing her 3 kids into the fashion line. Without a doubt, she is a proud mother and has included her three kids in the fashion show.

The three kids are Stella Luna, Sienna May, and Eli Christopher. She has attended the fashion show of Dolce And Gabbana with her husband Chris. The whole family was photographed together and were looking very pretty and handsome.

The actress was looking very beautiful in her Silk pants suit while on the other hand her husband Chris was seen in a dark blazer. He was also wearing dark blue pants with a white button shirt.

Just after attending the Fashion Show with her husband and kids, Ellen Pompeo again came in the news related to her fit body that was seen in a white bikini. The actress was enjoying her moment on the beach and in the water. She was seen with her husband who have joined her with children. Her husband was seen in the water and was wearing just red swimming shorts.

The couple got married in 2007 and has kept their life very private. They love each other a lot and with no doubt, they have supported each other in their work.

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