Another Self Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more updates.

Another Self is a Turkish romance drama tv series that is all set to premiere on 28 July 2022 on Netflix.

The series is written through Nuran Evren sit and directed by means of Burcu Alptekin.

Netflix Turkey is now producing unique Netflix series, which isn’t always surprising, However, it is something that needs to be discussed in relation to this year’s launch.

Doom of love has additionally made the cut. Both the critics and audience are showing their love for unique Netflix Turkish content that’s why they’re so much invested to launch every new series each month fans are loving it because now they’re getting what they usually wanted.

All About Another Self

Another Self is also known as Zeytin Agaci is an 8-episode series the collection is about girl friendships it especially shows us the 3 buddies their career priorities, love problems, and other matters, and their way of helping each other at some stage in their high and lows.

Tuba Buyukustun portrayed the position of Ada, Seda Bakan portrayed the role of Leyla and Boncuk Yilmaz portrayed Sevgi.

They played the position of 3 friends who are pursuing their goals and living their best lifestyles but matters trade when one of the friends is diagnosed with cancer.

The cast 

Another Self

The series stars Tuba Büyüküstün who’s excellent known for her role in Elif in black money love.

It is exciting to see her a pillar of energy for her 2 crazy friends.

The first season of Another Self came out on 28 July 2022, starring Tuba Büyüküstün.

And Seda Bakan those actresses have already executed plenty of a successful series in the past.

In assisting characters Firat Tanis portrayed the role of Zaman, and Ali B. Bahar portrayed the role of a medical doctor.

Serkan, Riza, Murat Boz, Fusun Demirel, and Umut Kurt is going to be visible in some minor roles only.

When will Season 2 Premier?

As for season 2, the makers have not introduced any such plans they have got not given any announcement to resume the series for season 2.

If season 2 receives the green light then it’ll likely pop out in 2023.

This is simply an assumption due to the fact neither the cast nor the makers have said anything about it and they haven’t posted anything.

Well, it is an 8-episode series, and since it is a Netflix original.

So there are probabilities that Netflix would possibly renew it for one extra season.

However, that will be only applicable if the series will now not wrap up the story in season 1 itself.

The plotline of Another self

Another Self
About Netflix

The series depicts the story of three friends who became friends at some point in their college years.

All are living extraordinary lifestyles Ada has become a surgeon, and Sevgi has begun her career as a lawyer in the meantime Leyla got married and have one son.

Despite the fact that they have distinctive career desires and dreams the three of them continue to be buddies in the course of most of these years.

Leyla is a totally carefree woman she is the one who keeps their friendship so stable.

Her friend is diagnosed with cancer and the other two will try to help them.

Another self season 1 is streaming on Netflix from 28 July 2022, if the collection gets renewed for season 2 then it’ll also be streaming on the same platform.

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