One Punch Man Season 3 Release date & things you need to know.

Netflix’s Manga-adapted anime One Man Punch is all set to get its latest season out! The J.C Staff creation is a superhero anime that breaks the typical superhero & glorification their powers & life. The show, first streamed in Japan in 2015 came out on ott’s & following the popularity of the show, it was renewed for its second season in 2019 coming now for its third season.

One Punch Man Season

About The Anime

It narrates to tell an off-beat superhero story with Saitama at the center of all the events going on in the anime. Saitama, the superhero blessed with the power that he can easily defeat anyone with just one punch, but now he’s bored & frustrated with the ordinary enemies due to a lack of challenges which is the result of his extraordinary powers & seeks some worthy enemy to get some real action in his boring superhero life. One Man Punch The show centers on the two groups- The Heroes Association & The Monsters Association, who are pitted against each other & throughout the show get into wars, battles, rescue missions & even some survival situations. Loaded with action thrill & comedy this show has been an enormous success due to its unique style of mixing different genres into one.

Season 3 release date 

There are no official dates for season 3 but it’s being said that the show will be streaming the third installment later this year may be by September or October 2022.

About the Manga Comics…

Till season 2 of One Man Punch, the show has consumed 23 volumes of the manga while there is only a handful of chapters left from the manga series. The show also has some S-class superheroes like the Zombie Man, Atomic Samurai & Flashy Flash with One Punch Man. In the books, there are different alternatives of the heroes coming face to face with their enemy monsters, but the show is very much fixed to its smooth action instead of complicating it some more.

You can watch the previous seasons of the show on Netflix & Hulu.


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