Becoming Elizabeth Episode 1 Review and Explanation

Netflix is set up with the upcoming American British series “Becoming Elizabeth”, which is a historical fiction drama based on the teenage years of Elizabeth’s life up to her own accession of the queen in 1558 possibly covering 11 years in these 8 episodes. But it has no Affiliations with the white Queen and white Prince.

Created and written by Anya Reiss, the historical series is going to premiere on the 12th of June and according to IMDb, there are eight episodes in this season.

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Becoming Elizabeth Season 1

The plotline of the series revolves around younger Elizabeth Tudor played by  Alicia von Rittberg, who was an orphan girl. The chaos of the Kingdom and ascended started off evolved their existence after the loss of life of the king Henry VIII which made Edward VI, the 9-year-old boy (performed by Oliver Zetterstrӧm) the New king of England.

The downfall of Power and to shield the throne from different splendid households of England and mainly the powers of Europe, Elizabeth have become a pawn and were caught in the struggle of politics withinside the English court.

Survival became a challenge for young Elizabeth and she learned the rules and skills to manipulate and endeavor her fortune to rule every man and woman of the court and conquer a position with great power at one moment or the executioner’s block the next. Judgments are rendered quickly, and no one is safe.

Overall then whilst the series have some concern over the plot and have not forgiven stars at all for the abomination which is shaping up to be authentic at least.

The casting of the series has done a pretty great job and they clearly put some effort into getting into the period to look accurate in terms of costumes and overall giving a good picture of what this time period would look like.


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