All You Need To Know About The Wrath Of God Series

The Wrath Of God Update: If you are eagerly waiting to see some horror thriller. Then surely the upcoming arrival of Netflix, that’s titled “The Wrath Of God” can serve your purpose. Yes, this Argentinian horror story has a thrilling storyline that you can’t miss out on. But if you are keen to know a little about it before it arrives on Netflix. Then here we can provide you with all possible updates on it.

Read ahead to know more about The Wrath Of God season 1 along with its other details.

Release Date Of The Wrath Of God

Netflix has announced a lot of new series this month. Which has definitely excited the viewers a lot. Among all these series we have different genre storylines to hit the network. As such we can have the horror genre be beginning with this The Wrath Of God series. It’s an Argentinian horror drama that has an appealing yet horrifyingly thrilling story to it.

The Wrath Of God Series

If that’s exciting you a lot then you must know the details about its release first. As we are been updated that this drama is dropping on Netflix this summer. In fact, June 15th is already allotted to this. The time to watch the series is 3:01 am EST. Meanwhile, you can check other exciting updates on it.

Cast For The Horror Drama

The Netflix horror drama has an exciting cast allotment too. As joining in for the drama we have Macarena Achaga who is to play the role of Luciana in it. While she previously was seen in the Mexican drama Gossip Girl Acapulco. The Wrath Of God is giving her the lead role in this drama.

However, apart from that, we don’t have the full cast list for the Netflix horror drama. Yet, two other actors arriving for the drama are Diego Peretti and Juan Minujin. Moreover, we can have the other casts known sometimes later. Till then you can know what’s going to be special about this series.

Plot for The Wrath Of God season 1

The Argentinian story of The Wrath Of God is actually a story based on the novel by Guillermo Martinez that’s titled “Slow Death Of Luciana B”. The Netflix story hence will show the hardship of Luciana played by Achaia. Where Luciana is actually seeing her family members dying one after the other.

The situation gets out of control for her when only she and her sister Valentina are left in the family. As Luciana suspects her boss for all this situation. She then plans everything for herself to fight death. The story thus will revolve mainly around Luciana and her struggle to save herself and her sister.

Is There Any Trailer Out For The Wrath Of God Season?

Fortunately, we have already got a Netflix trailer for The Wrath Of God out for all. As you can see how appealing and dark the trailer seems.

Meanwhile, the constant deaths in Luciana’s family are certainly adding a horror touch to the story.

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