Crush The American High’s Queer Teen Rom-Com

Crush is officially coming very soon to Hulu. In addition, we are positive that this romance film is going to make it onto your favorites.

Crush Movie Trailer Update

 With the new trailer of Crush, we can feel that true love is in the air. With the Hulu’s new high school rom-com. The film emerges from the motto of an artist. Dedicated and hardworking trying to make it into a prestigious art college. Also, he is forced to join the song team, while he’s trying to make it out of high school.

Despite having a lack of interest in the track, he seems to enjoy it. As the opportunity gets him the chance to get closer to the girl of his dreams.

However, things get complicated when she is with her new partner. But, the worse part comes when she begins to feel true love. The trailer showcases the difficulty faced by her in compiling college preparation. While also running, and finding the right girl to be with.

Right from the start, we are introduced to the character of Paige. A is desperate to make into the entrance of the Cal Arts. Also,  finding a keen interest in the famous girl Gabriella. Even after being focused so much on Paige’s art piece to make for the consent to enter the art center. Paige doesn’t seem to listen. Wanting to join the track team instead to enjoy Gabriella.

No Means No For Romance


Another trailer is based on creating the budding love between the high schoolers Paige and AJ. Paige showcased her art piece to AJ. Who although seems to encourage her but also warms her about the great danger.

Also, while allowing her to excel more of her in art. AJ lets her go by pushing and helping her to be able to continue. Also on the way to helping, her the coach to become a real coach. Who chooses to motivate with fear rather than do his job.

The chemistry has a touch of reality between the two of them. Although, she still finds herself endlessly crushing over Gabriella, making her choice complicated. In addition, we also git a glimpse of the legendary Megan Mullally.

From a few good times, sharing the screen as Paige’s mother. Tells Paige that “no means no” when she attempts to try kissing Dylan. Later, washing her rubber assuming it was a sex toy.

Coming Of Age Film

Director Sammi Cohen opened up on the main aim of the coming-of-age film is to help normalize the queer experience.

Cohen said: “Growing up we saw the LGBTQ+ being represented in films like ‘Tomboy,’ ‘Pariah,’.  ‘But I’m a Cheerleader’ that’s what changed how I felt about myself. Making the invisible kid inside me to be able to be seen. And to get accepted and empowered.

That’s what I strike with this movie making it for the audiences today. Also, with the ongoing discrimination and active legislation taking place right now. It has become more crucial than ever to tell queer stories. So, that they continue to normalize the queer experience as a human experience.”

Produced by Liverpool-based American High with Natasha Lyonne and  Maya Rudolph. Last, summer the film was previously named “Love in Color” during its shooting in the Syracuse area.

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