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Fast & Furious Season 10 Update: Fast and furious is a famous media franchise series which is also called as the fast saga. This long series with 9 parts till now was developed by a famous personality none other than Gary Scott Thompson and this series team was created by the Universal Pictures. The first part of this series has telecasted in the year 2001 and this series has completed its 21 years till now by attracting many more fans as the days continues.

Till now we have seen the 9 parts of the series and now its time to know the story of the 10th season of the series Fast and furious. There is a talk outside in the social media that the team of the fast and furious are going to conclude this long series in the eleventh season of it.

So now we will get more two new seasons from the creators of the series. We can say that this series would be placed on the list of universal hits because this is the biggest franchise hit till now.

Fast & Furious Season 10: New Villain Entry

Fast & Furious Season 10

The first four seasons of the series was unable to attract the audiences but coming to the fifth season of Fast and furious has been an unexpected season of the series which was the 1st hit season in the series.

Then after the season 5 all the remaining season which were telecasted til were the hits. This 10th season of the series will be the biggest epic hit once it comes to action. There are only 14 months from this month for the release of the 10th season of the series Fast and furious.

Coming to the 10th season of the series new surprise for all the fans of the series that the entry of the new villain and these character was given to the Aquaman star so-called Jason Momoa along with the gang of The suicide squad.

Till now the people who have seen all the previous 9 seasons of the series can get a imagination of the story of the 10th season after the climax of the 9th seas last episode.

The people who are new to this series now after reading this article have time of 14 months to see the previous season to enjoy the action in the new season of the series Fast and furious. At an event on the red carpet, Jason had given a clarity that definitely he will perform a character as a bad guy by putting in all his efforts.

Now let us see the new cast along with the main cast from the previous season by listing out them. As the complete cast list will be a big one let us pick a few of them now they are

• Vin Diesel performed a character as Dominic Toretto
• Paul Walker performed a character as Brian O’ Conner
• Jordana Brewster performed a character as Mia
• Michelle Rodriguez performed a character as Letty
• John Ortiz performed a character as Campos
• Laz Alonso performed a character as Fenix
• Gal Gadot performed a character aa Gisele

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