Amber Portwood Reveals That She Had Two Secret Pregnancies & Also One Abortion

Amber Portwood just delivered another journal about her background and it’s packed with a few exceptionally intriguing disclosures. Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood is getting very close in her new detailed storybook. So, Are you Crazy to listen to these stories?

The truth star, 31, uncovered she was concealing a mysterious pregnancy and early termination in 2010 around the time she was captured for attacking her ex, Gary Shirley, 35, and that Gary was additionally not the dad. She clarified when her ex [Gary] and she had separated for some time in light of the fact that the battling was so awful.

She was spending time with a heroin junkie and she incidentally got pregnant following the consequences. Amber wrote in the journal.

What more did Amber Portwood Shared?

Amber Portwood

Amber likewise uncovered that she was managing a narcotic fixation at the hour of shooting the main period of the show, sharing that her medication utilized added to her choice to eventually proceed with the fetus removal. She said she was on medications and she didn’t have the foggiest idea how she was treating the time.

She likewise composed, she had bad dreams about leaving her unborn kid. She cried wildly for quite a long time thereafter. She couldn’t rest and she even lost a lot of weight. She wasn’t healthy in any way at all.

She proceeded to say she heard the individual who moved her pregnant tragically died as of late, making her again get enthusiastic with regards to the experience. This news made her cry despite the fact that she had not seen or conversed with him in years, she expressed.

She realized he was a junkie and not long for this world, yet they considered a kid together so she consistently felt an association with him. It takes a lot of guts in there to open up and accept these terrible facts and situations.

Amber Portwood, The teenage mother of two young children proceeded to uncover she got pregnant again in the wake of getting set free from jail in Dec. 2013, albeit that pregnancy finished in an unnatural birth cycle.

“Whenever I prematurely delivered after falling pregnant by a kid I dated for a couple of months just after jail, it shook me, although I should not be having a child with any other person around then in my life,” she composed, adding how she attempted “to fish the thing out of my latrine for quite a while.”


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