Kodak Black Was One Of The 4 People Who Was Shot Outside Justin Beiber’s Party

Kodiak Black who is a 24 years old rapper is very much popular to the public eye. He is one of the best rappers we have in the current entertainment world. He received recognition through his work called No Flockin that came in 2017.

Recently this rapper came in news not because of the controversies that he created in this past but because of the unfortunate thing that happened with him. He was one of the victims that got injured by the gunshot outside the party Justin.

There is something that is common in Hollywood is how to handle for most important thing for celebrities, that is their security. We know how precious is our celebrities to us and to ourselves and that is the reason why their securities do matter.

Whether they are there at parties or at the clubs or the stage performance, they should be there with full protection. But sometimes it seems that when they relax a bit then it hit them hard. It happened the same with the rapper Kodak Black who was shot outside the party of Justin Beiber.

How is Kodak Black Now?


Justin Beiber has given a party to which Kodak Black was invited. He was about to leave the party but then a fight broke and suddenly the firing started. The firing has injured 4 people, among them were a 19 years old person, a 60 years old person, a 24 years old person that is Kodak himself.

Kodiak is right now stable at the hospital. It was informed that he was just injured and so do the other 3 victims too. He is now fine and is has started recovering too. This during outside the party has happened at 2:45 am according to the police report. There is no news of any police arrest for now. It was said that Kodak was leaving Justin’s party with the other rapper who is Gunna.

Kodak as the rapper has always remained in the controversy. He was sentenced to 4 years of jail at the age of 19. He had some guns which were illegal to handle for him. He has released his debut album in 2017 that was named Painting Pictures. His real name is Bill Kahan Blanco but he uses Kodak as a stage name.

He has always remained in news related to his personal life when his name came in legal issues and in weapon possession too.

Fans are hoping that Kodak will recover soon and soon he will respond to his fan’s tension regarding his health. He is right now in hospital and he is on bed rest for some days. Soon we will see him again making a public appearance.

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