Rebelde Season 2: 5 Series Like Rebelde: You Should Watch

5 Series Like Rebelde: Rebelde is a remake of the original 2004 hit telenovela in Mexico. It is mainly a teenage hit drama, with lots of music and drama. This series is a sure-fire guilty pleasure. The series is shooted in an Elite way school, which is one of the famous prestigious private schools in Mexico City. While the major plot lies along with the six casts.

Here given the name of all six major casts of the series.

Mia Colucci played the role of Anahi.

Diego Bustamante played the role of Christopher Von Uckerman.

Roberta Pardo played the role of Dulce Maria.

Miguel Arango played the role of Alfonso Herrera.

Guadalupe Lupita Fernandez played the role of Maite Perroni.

Giovanni Mendez Played the role of Christian Chavez.

Additional subplots in the show involve the school faculty and the students’ parents. One major trademark of this show is the random use of English words and phrases often used by fresh characters.

If you have finished watching this show and looking for something relatable to this show. This article is very useful for you guys. I am here to resolve all your hassles and will try to deliver you something similar to Rebelde. To keep all the simple and for skim-readers, we have added some common similarities. So, without further delay here is the list of shows that you must follow after streaming Rebelde.

The Plot of Rebelde.


The story of the Rebelde is mostly about teenagers sporting different lives and personalities. Who together attend a prominent private school. All have a common passion for music. Across the episode, you will find friendship, feuds, and plenty of fights altogether. Each season has 100+ episodes, this will keep you busy for a longer period of time.

Here are the lists of shows which are similar to the Rebelde. You can watch any among the given list, you will surely like it the most.



Baby is a similar rebellious teenager show. Baby is a roman Italian series that revolves around a group of roman high schoolers. Here we hone Parioli teens and they identify the society in search of identity as well as independence. It is typically a teenage drama. The series got the number one rank and also suits the fans of series like Elite and Rebelde. Hence it is an inclusive series.

The whole story of the series revolves around the student Chiara who unlikely bonds with rebellious classmate Ludovica. And the mysterious New boy Damiano. And all across the three seasons, the series unwinded suitably in the most dramatic and enticing ways.


Netflix Life

Elite is a high school drama that consists of various mysterious facts. The story begins with the murder case, and a police detective begins to interview visibly shocked teenagers that could have committed the crime. It has a bold opening and shows tries to manage all the grip together.

The murder mystery expands out throughout the show. But, this mysterious fact took place in an illustrious private school known as Las Encinas. In the show the cast was Book Smart Nadia, Shy but, level-Headed Samuel and Brash Nano arrive to shake all things together. Las Encinas will never be the same again in the show.

If you are a big fan of mysterious vibes with an eclectic group of characters then you will definitely like this show the most.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

The 13 Reasons Why are quite common to the Rebelde in terms of mystery and drama. The drama is all set in a teenager’s school life. Where the light is much focused on the clay character throughout the heart-wrenching season. By watching the 13 reasons why you will get a very conflicting experience.

The story of the series is quite simple. The story revolves around the 17 years school student Hannah Baker, who took her life in the show. After Haanbakers death the whole school was shocked and mourning her death.

After her death, she left 13 recorded tapes behind, which were recorded by Hannah herself. The tape deals with the events of her death and the reasons behind her death.



It is similar to a teenage melodrama. This is an HBO stylish teenage drama. Euphoria is the most interesting visual striking and boundary-pushing show. This shows how destructive the drug can be and is shown off in the series.

The show is mainly about teenagers and teenagers’ issues. Zendaya Ignites the show is all about the drug-addict rule but, different teens bring something new to the show.

This series deals with all important topics which all teens face throughout their life. The topic discussed in the series like against the backdrop of drug-taking, nudity, rape. Teen drama is easily one of the best dramas and you will like it the most. So, it is recommended to all the students that you must watch this show, you will surely like it the most.

Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars
Rotten Tomatoes

Pretty Little Liars is a series related to teenage issues and Mysteries. The Pretty Little Liars revolves around four friends who are stalked by an anonymous foe who reveals their darkest secret. This was not enough, this series also worked together to investigate the disappearance of their best friend, the Queen Bee of the group, Allison.

This simple mystery soon becomes more twisted and turns to keep things more suspenseful. There is a group of gossip girls too. What gives you much more interest than finding out Who A and what other girls are hiding from each other. The show may look much slower at first. But, if you are a big fan of teen dramas, you will surely like this show the most.

Here given the complete lists of shows, you can watch any above the following lists you will surely like it the most. If you want any more details regarding this topic let me know I am happy to help you out.

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