BBC Three: Upcoming Shows and Series in 2022

BBC Three: Upcoming Shows and Series in 2022: Owned and operated by the BBC, the British free-to-air television channel BBC Three was first launched in…

Published: February 1st, 2022 7:50 am | Updated: May 11, 2022 7:50 am

BBC Three: Upcoming Shows and Series in 2022: Owned and operated by the BBC, the British free-to-air television channel BBC Three was first launched in 2003. But it was closed down in 2016 when the TV Channel got replaced by BBC Three streaming channel. Mow after six years of being online-only, BBC Three is returning on February 1, 2022, to linear Television.

With this new-old tradition, you may wonder what BBC Three is going to offer from now? The types of contents remain more or less the same as before. They will continue to broadcast both long and short content, documentaries, comedies and as always will focus on unearthing new talents.

Controller of BBB Three Damian Kavanagh has informed after the channel’s launch, “There will be as much contemporary British drama from BBC Three as ever before.”

Damian also added that their focus has always been to produce what the audience wants to watch. These include comedy that they can watch to be entertained and watch at their convenience and documentaries that will keep them well-informed.

You can watch BBC Three on Freeview, Virgin, Sky, and Freesat. You probably will have to retune the set-top box in order to add BBC Three to the list of channels. Channel EPGs are yet to be announced. You can also watch the BBC Three live on iPlayer.

The renewed Television channel will offer rich content of multi genres to celebrate with the audience the return on TV.

Here are some of the most interesting programs that are going to be broadcast on BBC Three.

UK Versus The World-

UK Versus The World

RuPaul has announced a new spin-off series of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race Uk‘ that will kick off the re-opening of BBC Three on February 1, 2022. Nine international Queens who completed previously in the Drag Race franchise will be featured in this series.

RuPaul is going to act as both the main judge and host. Michelle Visage, Alan Carr, and Graham Norton will return as supporting judges. On January 17, 2022, all the contestants’ names have been announced who are performing in this new series.

Africa Cup of Nations-

This year Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) is being hosted in Cameroon with UK coverage that is fronted by Jermaine Jenas. It is confirmed that BBC Three will be the host of the semifinals and finals of the huge tournament which will feature twenty-four National teams of Africa.

Santa Claus The Serial Killer-

Santa Claus The Serial Killer

This is a documentary series featuring in coming months on BBC Three. The series will feature Journalist Mobeen Azhar who will be traveling through Canada, Toronto to search more about the case of a Shopping Mall Santa who is also a serial killer.

The Santa confessed eight counts of murder inside and around the Gay Village district. Mobeen Azhar has said that he set off to Toronto to know about the reason behind so many people’s losing their lives. But it soon became clear to him that this is not a mere case of serial killing, but a series of truths about policing and the experience of being an immigrant.

Flight Club-

‘Flight Club’ is described as an “access-all-areas observational series’. It delves deep into the lives of people working for airline Loganair. The series will tell us what it is like to have a career-high above the sky.



BBC Three will now broadcast the critically acclaimed drama ‘Mood’ by Nicole Lecky- actress, writer, singer, songwriter. It is a six-part drama centering around Sasha who is an aspiring recording artist.

After being driven from her family home, she gets introduced to the world of social media influencing. But as she discovers that she’s going far from her original dream of becoming a singer by her presence online, she begins struggling to leave the world that she initially thought to be a lot less complex.

Nicole is playing the role of Sasha with Jessica Hynes and Paul Kaye starring in other roles. Nicole has also performed the original soundtrack of the drama.


‘Brickies’ is an upcoming observational documentary series. It revolves around a group of your bricklayers who work at the northern building sites and begin a competition over who can earn the most.

No More: Bad Girl-

The personal journey of Persephone Rizvi, TV producer and presenter is going to be featured here as after leaving her hometown of Huddersfield seven years ago without showing any reason, she has now come back there.


‘Starstruck’ is a rom-com of Matafeo which is returning with its second season. The first season of the series focused on a millennial Jessie (starring Rose) who lives in East London and is torn between two dead-end jobs while experiencing the complexities of being romantically entangled with a famous film star (starring Nikesh Patel).

Season two will center around Jessie’s decision of staying in London and forming a relationship with the film star Tom. Russell Tovey will join the cast this season.

The first season became BBC Three’s biggest new comedy of 2021 with five million iPlayer streams and a lot of critical acclamation.

I Like The Way U Move-

I Like The Way U Move

I Like The Way U Move‘ is a dance dating show that was launched on iPlayer in October 2021. It brings together professional dancers and novice non-dancers who will compete to build on and off-stage chemistry with each other. The show is returning with another series.