Riverdale Season 6 Part 2 Release Date, Trailer, And Everything we know so far

 Riverdale Season 6 Updates: The ‘Rivervale’ tale, which is the core plot of ‘Riverdale’ Season 6, is discredited. It was a parallel reality where characters would be reanimated and rebuilt simply so the Riverdale universe could repeat itself. And it arose from the Season 5 finale’s explosion in Archie’s (KJ Apa) and Betty’s (Lili Reinhart) room.

The blast produced a new universe with twisted reality, and it was up to Jughead (Cole Sprouse) to restore order. It meant reliving the thrill and spending some heated moments with Betty, but there was a solution, and that meant returning to reality. With that, ‘Riverdale’ Season 6 officially begins a long sabbatical, one that will be well worth the wait, if reluctantly.

Part 2 will focus on the actual town of ‘Riverdale,’ where everything has returned to normal — Archie and Betty are still together, Tabitha and Jug are the new couples in town — but the trailer leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Here are the two questions that ‘Riverdale’ fans are looking for solutions to ahead of the show’s comeback.

The trailer teases a supernatural element, as well as explosive action and traditional Riverdale drama. Despite the lack of a formal summary, we can reasonably conclude that it follows the events of Rivervale, which many of the characters definitely do not recall. The good news is that the sixth episode of Riverdale season 6 has a brand new trailer.

Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) begins the scene by telling Archie, Jug, and Betty that she has cursed them. In the interim, Betty continues her FBI sleuthing, there’s a Betty-Veronica reconciliation, and Cheryl is spotted watching someone burn. Cheryl blows out a candle in the teaser, while Marisol Nichols reprises her role as Hermoine Lodge. Vague? That appears to be the case.

Assuming that an episode of Riverdale season 6 will air every Sunday starting March 6, 2022, the finale will air on Sunday, June 6, 2022.

Seasons 4 and 5 of Riverdale both featured 19 episodes, so we may expect season 6 to have roughly the same number of episodes.

However, there may be a short interruption throughout this course, pushing the end date back to July 2022.

Season 6 may feature one or two episodes more or less than prior seasons, which could affect the release date. With the Riverdale story returning to normal in the new year with episode 6, we’ve put together a concise recap of how season 5 ended to get you caught up.

Riverdale Season 6 Part 2 Trailer

Riverdale Season 6 Part 2

Season 5 ushers in a new day in Rivervale, where everything is as it should be. The town’s power couple is now Veronica and Reggie, while Jughead and Tabitha move in together. However, with Cheryl wanting a return to the “old ways,” this tranquility will undoubtedly be short-lived. And how did Archie and Betty manage to stay alive?

La Llorona, a terrible spirit from mythology, appears in Rivervale to haunt the wet town. Betty and Toni find themselves in the way of the specter and must enlist Cheryl’s assistance to defend Rivervale’s children, particularly Baby Anthony. Meanwhile, Jughead and Tabitha, as well as Veronica and Reggie, are haunted by their own ghosts, which strain their individual relationships.

The gang is confronted with unexpected ultimatums after being visited by a strange figure who arrives in Rivervale. Cheryl and Nana Rose reminisce about the tragic stories of the Blossom women as Bailey’s Comet sweeps over Rivervale. Meanwhile, Cheryl summons a familiar figure to Rivervale — Sabrina Spellman – in response to the once-in-a-lifetime celestial occurrence.

Jughead is disturbed by a series of unusual occurrences around him, and his search for answers leads him to the truth about Rivervale. Season 5 finished on quite the cliffhanger, which left fans clamoring for season 6 to begin, and we have provided you a quick review before the storyline returns to normal after the Rivervale incident.

Archie convened a meeting to propose that Toni, Tabitha, Frank, and Alice form a four-person council to govern the town. Cheryl is irritated by this vote, so Veronica and Reggie go ahead and start their casino, despite the council’s rejection of their idea.

Betty and Archie rekindle their romantic affections for one another and decide to try again with their relationship. However, when they begin to hook up, they notice a ticking noise from beneath Archie’s bed, which is caused by the bombs Hiram planted earlier.

“Rivervale” is the sixth season’s opening arc, a five-week “oversized” run that, according to creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is “firmly in the horror genre” and will star Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman.

Aguirre-Sacasa announced that Rivervale is in-canon and part of the show’s continuity in a post-finale appearance on the podcast Riverdale After Dark.

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