Pitch Perfect 4 Rumors: What Star Cast Says About the Return?

Pitch Perfect 4 Updates: While there has been no official confirmation of a fourth film as of yet, Pop Sugar has reported that some of the film’s stars have spoken out in support of the idea.

Kendrick told Entertainment Weekly in August 2017, prior to the debut of the franchise’s third sequel, which entered theaters in December of that year, that she would totally be down to do a fourth picture if the opportunity arose.

When asked if there will be an encore performance, she replied, “Hell, absolutely!”

“We’d do them forever,” she remarked, referring to herself and her co-stars.

Many Pitches Perfect fans were convinced that a fourth film was in the works after Wilson shared an Instagram photo of herself, Anna Camp, Snow, and Chrissie Fit holding up four fingers a year after Kendrick’s interview.

Pitch Perfect 4 Rumors

Pitch Perfect 4

Then, when Wilson appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a month later, she was asked if the image was an indication of a fourth film on the way.

“I mean, I can’t say anything officially, Ellen,” Wilson explained. “However, all of us females simply adore one other.”

Wilson continued, ” “I’ll be shooting another musical feature in the next 12 months. That is something I am capable of saying.” Given that there is yet to be the fourth film, she was most likely referring to her role in Cats.

“A few things are in the works. Universal would undoubtedly despise me for expressing this “According to reports, she stated. “We Bellas are all in love with each other. We simply wish to collaborate with one another. The ladies are fantastic.”

Following Wilson’s comments, Snow claimed during a December 2019 appearance on Good Morning America that the rumor of a fourth film was false.

“We just put out the fours [in the Instagram photo] because we wanted a fourth one, and then Rebel teased it as if there will be the fourth one, but she doesn’t know either,” Snow added.

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