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Kanye West Went On A Date With Julia Fox, It Was Dinner Date!

Kanye West
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Kanye West And Julia Fox Spotted on a Dinner Date. In one moment we have seen them doing break-ups and in another, we hear news related to their new dates. Many couples broke up in 2021 and many of them even started their new life.

In Hollywood, these things do create controversy. But what matters the most is the happiness of the couple, if they are happy in separation or in dating a new one, that matters the most. Among such couples, Kanye is the one who is dating Julia Fox for some months.

Kanye West, a 44-year-old rapper has headed towards divorce from Kim Kardashian. It was Kim who wanted this separation as Kanye was not able to take the responsibilities of household things and many more. Kanye is now dating Julia Fox who is 31 years old.

The couple was seen a lot of times publicly. They were always spotted going on date or coming out of date. Recently this couple was spotted leaving for their date night in New York City. They have also got clicked a few days ago but not in NYC. They have together enjoyed the date with a hit of Jerremy O Harris’ Slave Play.

Kanye was seen in dark grey jean and he was wearing a blue hoodie, with boots. He was also wearing a black jacket and mask were on for safety. He was also seen wearing gloves in black. On the other hand, we have seen that Julia Fox was looking stunning as ever.

Kanye West And Julina On a Dinner Date

Kanye West

Julia was wearing a blue-black velvet dress which was actually a coat. She was wearing heels with tip-toe boots. She was wearing black gloves. She was holding a black branded bag and was also wearing black gloves too.

They have also got spotted in Miami having dinner together. It was a few days back when the couple went to candle night dinner and was looking gorgeous as ever. The dinner was at Carbone and the couple was all at a smile.

None of us was expecting that Kanye would move on so easily. He was all the time regretting and all the time missing Kim. He has also changed one of the song’s lyrics which deliver a message that he wants his Kimberly back. Now since Kim is all set to move her life with Pete and going on date with him and his family, Kanye has also decided to move on.

They are parenting their kids very well. After the divorce, we have seen a lot of time Kanye hanging up with his children. Children are living with Kim and that is the reason why he is visiting Kim too. Recently Kanye has bought 5 Bedroom 4 bathroom house in the same street as Kim so that he can be close to Kim as well his children.

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