Michelle Rodriguez Is Celebrating Her holidays In Mexico In Her Bikini Avatar!

Michelle Rodriguez is spotted in Mexico celebrating holidays. Many people celebrated this Christmas of 2021 with their families and their loved ones. We have seen celebrities like Rihanna to Kardashians who celebrated Christmas with full happiness.

From Priyanka Chopra to Khloe Kardashian, they all celebrated it with their family, some with their kids while others with their husbands and others with their partners. But many celebrities loved to enjoy Christmas with themselves and among them is Michelle Rodriguez.

Michelle Rodriguez, an actress of America who is now a 43-year-old, and she is a screenwriter too. We have seen many times that how Michelle was seen spending her time with herself only. From vacation to party, she is self-sufficient.

We have seen Michelle this time in a fashionable bikini look in Mexico. She tends to celebrate her Christmas or this annual vacation in Mexico with herself. She was seen in a black and white bikini that had tie-dye. She was carrying it quite well. She was seen on the beach of Tulum Mexico. She was all wet, coming out from the salty shore of the Ocean and she was trying to dry her body with the help of a towel.

Michelle Rodriguez In Her Bikini Avatar


It was not confirmed whether she was with someone or not but as far as one can see in the photos that were taken by the people who were there, that she was all alone there. In the background of the picture, we can see a lot of people but none were old to the eyes. She was spending the holiday with her black hair and her fit body that was looking beautiful as ever.

It was not the first time that we were seeing 43 years old actress in a swimming dress or in a bikini. We have seen her recently in such a look where she was wearing again a bikini that was of peach color. We have seen her on 22 December Wednesday on a beach and then she went away to play a game of Pingpong.

When it comes to her hot bikini body then we should know that she is following a vegan diet. She herself said in an interview that she doesn’t eat beef but she eats salad and that’s what she likes. She said that she likes broccoli and spinach in food and as a drink, she loves coconut water. When it comes to breakfast and lunch then she keeps it quite light. She revealed that she eat salads for lunch.

We know Michelle Rodriguez for the first time in 2000 where she worked in Girlfight drama. She got fame and name from the movie series called Fast and Furious. She was not there in part five of Fast and Furious but she came back again in part 6.

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