Here Is The List Of Celebrities Who Celebrated Christmas: Rihanna To Justin Timberlake

Christmas, a yearly celebration is celebrated with full enthusiasm and happiness. We celebrate it with gifts, socks, pajamas, happiness, and in many more comfortable ways. It is not just us that celebrate it with all energy but also our celebrities.

This Christmas we have seen many celebrities celebrating it differently and some were celebrating like they always do. We have seen some new members in their celebration and also we have seen them flaunting their single status.

Let’s Have a Look at Celebrities Christmas Celebration 2021

If we are talking about celebrities celebrating Christmas then we should definitely talk about those who have welcomed their little ones and celebrated their first Christmas together. Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara have welcomed their child Riley and celebrated this Christmas together. It was Riley’s first-ever Christmas. Another in this category is Trace Ellis Ross.

Jessica and Justin Timberlake 

Harper’s Bazaar

Jessica and Justin Timberlake are the best ones we have. They have celebrated Christmas together with their two beautiful kids. They were seen in the countryside and walking together to some lonely roads. Jessica Biel has posted.

Picture of them on Instagram where we have seen her holding her son Phineas. She was walking with Justin and her first baby Silas. She was feeling grateful and full of gratitude towards their guys. She captioned this picture as: ” Thankful for my guys…” and then she wished Merry Christmas to everybody.

Dua Lipa

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Next up we have is Dua Lipa who was seen celebrating Christmas all single. After her breakup with Anwar Hadid, she was seen celebrating this all single and she was happy with it. She has uploaded a picture on Instagram where we have seen a Christmas tree and a glass of wine.

She was wearing a golden dress that was backless and was totally suiting her. She was maintaining that look with her black long hair and minimal makeup. We have also seen some flowers and plants in the background. She was looking beautiful as ever and happy as ever.

Eva Longoria


We have also seen Eva Longoria celebrating Christmas with her little one. Her son who is 3 years old now was seen celebrating Christmas with his mummy.

Santiago was seen wearing a white t-shirt and white pajamas and his mom was also matching him in the same dress. The background was having a great Christmas tree with big balls in its decoration.

Sofia Vergara

Fox News

The next up we have Sofia Vergara who has celebrated Christmas with her dear husband and family. She was happy with her family and especially her little dog. In one picture we saw her looking directly at her husband Joe and having the little cute dog in hand.

The next up we have seen her sitting on the floor and again her dog in her lap. She has uploaded around 5 pictures with the caption where she was wishing everyone, Merry Christmas.


Fox News

We have the best singer in Hollywood, that is Rihanna. Rihanna has uploaded a cute vintage photo of her and a Santa. In the picture, we can see her little childhood where she was sitting either right next to Santa or must be on his lap. She was seen wearing an orange t-shirt and blue denim with her curled hair. She was carrying that dress well with her cute little smile.

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