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Britney Spears Revealed She’s Working On A New Song

Britney Spears
USA Today

Britney Spears is reasserting herself to the world! The singer is showcasing her singing abilities and teasing fans about the next stage in her career.

Spears, 40, shared a video of herself in her bathroom mirror belting out high notes and vocal drills on Instagram on Wednesday.

Spears appears ready to take on the world as she flaunts her legendary voice, dressed in a long-sleeved lavender crop top and black low-rise leggings that show off her wonderfully toned physique.

Britney Spears New Song On the Way

 Britney Spears

“Guys, I just realized this today… three years ago, my family attempted to harm me…

Spears went on to say that she decided to do some research on herself and her profession, and she chose to share what she learned.

She mentioned some of the positives, such as the fact that she is “With nearly 100 million albums sold worldwide, he is one of the most famous and celebrated musicians in pop history….

“No… I’m not going to any auditions!!!! I’m reaffirming who I am to myself and the rest of the world!!!!” Spears went on to describe the voice exercises. “Yes, I’ll be my own biggest supporter… Why is that???? I’m here to remind my white “classy” family that I haven’t forgotten and will never forget what they did to me!!!!”

Spears wrapped up the tweet with a tease for her followers, writing, “Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I’ll explain what I’m talking about!!!!!”

Some of her admirers reacted positively to the tweet, including Miley Cyrus, who wrote, “#vocalbible.”

“I fn adore this soo much,” her fiancé, Sam Asghari, said in response.

Spears followed up with another joyfully rebellious tweet, this time using a flashback shot from a previous 2001 session with photographer Herb Ritts, as well as the phrase, “Sit down and keep your heads down, y’all… !!!!! and kiss my motherf**king a**”

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