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The Raid 3: Directed Gerath Evan Reveal Some Facts About the Movie!

The Raid 3

The Raid 3 Updates: The Raid is a 2011 Indonesian martial-action movie, also called as The raid: Redemption ( in the west), is an absolutely amazing roller coaster of glory violence and action.

The Movie first hit theaters in 2011,following the second-part of this masterpiece in 2014 which makes a jaw- dropping situation for the martial art or king fu fan boys over the top.

However, the first- part of the movie follows a police raid of a Jakarta apartment complex filled with killers and psychopaths, the movie combined some action sequence of ‘Merantau’ which was directed by Gerath Evan itself. Initially, the second-part of the movie continue to volume up the action which follows crime family plot.

However, Both the movies were a hit and take Gerath’s career in action movie to a track. The plot is essentially non-existent, the characters are divided into the ‘good guys’ or the ‘bad guys,’ the entire film plays out like a video game and it requires no though from it’s audience whatsoever.

More Details about the The Raid 3

The Raid 3

Furthermore,the dialogues and the music is God awful in the rare moments and every character is an action movie stereotypes. Gerath Evans statement on making The Raid 3 with a new Empire Soldier Special Podcast,”I couldn’t see myself going back out to make The Raid 3.

My interests had moved onto other projects. You work with other people, you meet other people and want to work with them again, you want to try different things, you find a story that suddenly captures your attention and that’s the thing you want to do next. Things get offered to you that are hard to pass up on.”

He explains how it will be hard to get back to the initial plot when it’s already been five years till now.But at least we’ll always have The Raid 1&2- and his briefing for The Raid 3 which have less chances to come in the future as well.

Basically, if you’re looking for a movie that is even remotely though provoking then run for the hills. However, the movie is a must for any action fan and a perfect flick for you.

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