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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 Confirmed Release Date, How and Where to Watch

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15
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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 Updates: The gang has returned — Dennis, Dee, Frank, Mac, and Charlie have weathered the storm of 2020, and armed with their toxic ignorance, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for these five people.

The hit FX sitcom returns on December 1st with double-stacked episodes on Wednesdays in December, currently in its record-breaking 15th season. The owners of Paddy’s Pub are not only dealing with the consequences of their conduct this season but also taking a vacation abroad to uncover their roots.

The ethical messages buried in plotlines of characters doing the wrong thing have long been part of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s irreverent charm. Several episodes, including “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6,” were taken from Hulu and syndication, causing outrage among fans.

This season wonderfully handles the issue in a follow-up episode that is true-to-form laugh-out-loud entertaining while also demonstrating the gang’s lack of growth in their effort to appear woke.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 Release Date

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15

Much of the promotion has centered on the international journey, which, understandably, takes up the second half of the season. Through the travel episodes, the show acknowledges the pandemic, with The Gang’s signature irresponsibility guaranteed to cause havoc in the Emerald Isle.

Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, Danny DeVito, Rob McElhenney, and Charlie Day prove that they are still at the top of their game 15 seasons later in these episodes that become character-defining moments.

This season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a little more contrite than usual, but it’s still rude and aggressively funny. The crew is undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of what is permissible for The Gang to accomplish, but it appears that even more ingenuity is required.

More significantly, it doesn’t feel as diluted as it might otherwise. Dennis is still a predator, Dee is still self-absorbed, Frank is the worst businessman on the planet, Mac’s identity struggle is out of hand, and Charlie… well, Charlie is still Charlie.

On Wednesday, December 1st, at 10/9c on FXX, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns. On Hulu, new episodes are available the next day.

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