Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins Welcome 4th Daughter Together

Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins Updates: Thomas Red and their wife Lauren Akins are now officially the parents of four children! Lily Carolina Akins’ wife, the wife of a folk singer, announced the birth of her fourth child on November 17 on Instagram.

Our little Miss Lily Carolina Akins was born on November 15th and our family can no longer be more. The moon is about our little joy,  Lauren wrote with a photo of their baby girl. Thomas and his nurse wife, both share 31, daughters Villa Gray, 5, Ada James, 3, and then Lennon Love, 1, together.

Thomas and Lauren, married in 2012, both expect to have no children. 4 together in May. They shared this happy news on their respective Instagram page. At her performance in Fort Worth, Texas, the country singer revealed that she announced to the crowd that she was pregnant shortly before singing the song  To The Guys That Date My Girls.

Well … we’re pregnant again!  Thomas headlined the May 8 post.  Tonight I’m going to play on the stage in Ford Worth with ‘men who date my girls’ and my wife will talk to me (on the ear monitor) and say ‘you can tell them if you want anyway. Now you know… I’m excited to give birth to our 4th girl. They wanted a big thank you table.  Mark the chorus of awwws.

Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins Shared Photos

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When coming to his pregnancy came as a lovable and great surprise, Thomas told that the public in the month of June that he was now ready to become a lovable baby and lovable daddy again.  I feel like I’ve been on the ropes of what it’s like to be a dad to a girl.

When I found out we had a fourth place, we already had the clothes, I knew how to do this, it’s the fourth round,  she said.   The whole world is nothing more special than being the father of beautiful little girls and I’m so proud.

On the other hand, his girls initially wanted a baby brother.  Lauren was showing them the pregnancy test, and she was like, ‘This means you’ve had to have another sister.’ And they both said, ‘But we need a brother!’ Said Thomas.  They saw me saying it was my fault and I said, ‘No, it’s awesome. One day we will have a baby boy.’ ‘

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