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Lady Gaga Says About Her Boyfriend Michael Polanski That He Is To Be Parker Group CEO.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Updates: Lady Gaga gushes on her boyfriend Michael Polanski: he’s my whole life: While promoting Lady Gaga’s upcoming film ‘House of Gucci’, she gave rare comments about her relationship with boyfriend Michael Polanski.

Lady Gaga is now called her best and close boyfriend Michael Polanski and then she is really full of his life that when they discussing her French Bulldogs abduction after most earlier in this great year.  with two of his three dogs in West Hollywood.

Gaga gave an update on her profile with The Hollywood Reporter, which was released on November 17, inviting her boyfriend and all of her puppies.

Everyone is fine,  she said.  Everyone is healed. I always pray for Ryan. I’m so grateful we did not miss him. I thank God every day for my dogs returning safely. Gaga said authorities did not believe Ryan was targeted because of the contact he had with her.

It was an accident,  she said.  It really reminds me that in some of the great ways that  I’m just like everyone else. We are all vulnerable to these things.

Shared a photo of the two on the boat in Miami on the Instagram platform.

Michael is here for the great and famous northern star,  the source said.  He is a basic and guiding presence for her.  Regarding his desire for privacy in the midst of a relationship with a superior person, the source added,  He loves Lady Gaga, but he loves Stephanie.

Lady Gaga And Her Boyfriend Look Here!

Lady Gaga
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He loves drama and his artistry, but he is so happy that it does not attract attention and then allows her to shine.

Gaga played Patricia Reggiani, who was famously punished in 1995 for hiring a hitman to kill Gucci’s heir, her ex-husband Mauricio Gucci in the House of Gucci.

On November 16, Gaga spoke to Good Morning America about revealing the character and explained why he did not want to meet Patricia.

There was a lot of sensational news on our social media and about how he was this great gold digger and also how he killed her for greed and then the money,  Gaga said.

She continued,  I believe it is love, I believe it survives. I do not want to meet her because I can tell very quickly that this woman wants to be glorified for this murder, and she wanted to be remembered as this culprit.

I do not want to cooperate with something I do not believe in. You know, she killed her husband.

House of Gucci hits theaters on Wednesday, November 24th.