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Adele Shared She Was In Secret Romance After the Divorce and Why It Ended

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Adele Updates: After her divorce, she was in a relationship with someone for a short time, but it didn’t last because she wasn’t consistent with him. Adele has been spilling tea about her divorce from Simon Konecki while promoting her upcoming album, 30, all month long.

In a new interview with The Face, the 33-year-old singer revealed that she was romantically involved with someone, a year after the breakup, but before she started seeing current beau Rich Paul.

“It was, like, scrambling as quickly as I could to get my life back together, so that I could feel normal again,” she said. “I haven’t been with anyone. There was someone I loved – didn’t love, but loved and loved so many years – but I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t in my own storm. ”

The “Easy On Me” songstress admitted that she couldn’t give herself properly to this lover, whose name she didn’t divulge in the interview. “I couldn’t be consistent, and neither could he,” Adele explained.

What Adele Shared About Secret Romance?

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“It just wasn’t right, he left the marriage and then dated a year later. Even if you feel ready, you’ll be set adrift if you leave or you’re left. So it was more that this person was asking me to go for it. And I couldn’t because I was still recovering from the breakup of my marriage. ”

“He’s part of the storm because he can only be associated with the collapse of my marriage,” Adele said. Grammy Award winners added: I could’ve found myself in a situation, after coming out of a relationship, that wasn’t one I wanted to be in. I became very aware of the patterns that I was repeating over and over again since I was 16 and 17 – in relationships and in intimate relationships, but also in my relationship with my friends sometimes.

Adele’s divorce is fully highlighted in her new album, which comes out on Friday.

One of her new songs, “My Little Love,” even features emotional voice notes of her son Angelo, 9, consoling the superstar in the aftermath of the divorce, which was finalized in March 2019 after two years of marriage.

More ballads than Adele sings in her album include “Strangers by Nature,” “Hold On,” “To Be Loved,” and “I Drink Wine.

Luckily, Adele has found love again thanks to Rich Paul. She talked about the sports agent—he is the representative of LeBron James—in a recent interview with Oprah that aired on CBS on November 14. “He is just funny. And very smart. “Yes, he is very smart,” the mother-of-one said. It’s unbelievable how he does what he does.

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