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Drake Hugs Kanye West On 1st Reunion Since Squashing Beef


Drake Updates: A week after Kanye suggested that Kanye West and Drake end their decades-long feud, Dave went to social media to share a picture and video of himself hanging out with friends in Toronto while watching Chappell.

Kanye West, 44, and Drake, 35, finally ended their feud! When they went to Instagram on November 16 to share a photo and video of their latest hangout in Toronto, the rappers proved things between themselves. You posted a picture of him and Breeze posing with Rob-A-Lot Records. Titled with Jay Prince and the one-dove emoji to it, while comedian Dave Chappell shared video footage of Drake’s speaking on stage.

You’ve reached your goal,  he headlined the clips. In the video, Drake even holds his hand around Kanye, showing their new love for each other. At the time Mike was in front, Dave said they were at Drake’s house, confirming that it was the place where the artists crushed their beef.

The meeting comes after Kanye released headlines last week for inviting Drake to come to a benefit concert by popular Chicago gangster Larry Hoover in December, ending their decades-long feud with Drake. Tweet about the reason for the compromise request.

Drake Hugs Kanye West’s Feud Ends


I met Kanye West night in Htown in the Rothco Chapel,  he wrote in the title of the video post.  It’s not my plan to meet him there, but I’m glad I did not allow a place of worship for God to divert our meeting. Gets stuck.

Before their reconciliation, Kanye and Drake had been having ups and downs for the past 10-12 years, and recently got into a fight on Pusha Di’s Dis Track, which revealed that Drake’s secret son named Adonis Graham with Sophie. Bruxas.

In August 2021, Drake rejected Kanye on Trippy Red’s song  Betrayal and shared the phrase  I live for it before sharing a picture of the  Joker portraying the Jokin’s phoenix in a group chat. I’ve enjoyed my goofy ass joke like you all my life. You will never recover. I promise you.

It’s not clear if Drake will agree to host the Kanye show at the upcoming benefit concert for Larry, but it’s nice to see them put the past behind them and embrace friendship.