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Travis Scott Has not Left Houston Home Since Artroworld Tragedy

Travis Scott
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Travis Scott Updates: Travis Scott’s lawyer claims that the rapper has remained secluded in his Houston home after the ‘devastating’ events of last weekend’s Astroworld.

Travis Scott has reportedly hidden inside his Houston house, “devastated” by the tragedy, following the terrible events that rocked his Astroworld performance on Nov. 5, where nine people perished and many more were injured. Travis’ attorney, Ed McPherson, spoke with TMZ on Nov. 12 about the matter, providing more insights about how the “Antidote” rapper is handling it.

“The fact that it happened in Houston, which he loves and has so many people there he cares about… it’s extremely sad,” the lawyer said. “Since this happened, he’s been shut up in his house and hasn’t come out at all.” Travis is most concerned about “the families,” according to McPherson, and is working on “healing” for them. “I don’t believe Travis is considering performing at this time,” he added. “Right now, that’s the last thing on his mind.”

Travis Scott Is Devastated

Travis Scott
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Travis’ home has been under strict surveillance since the tragedy, with his staff promptly transporting the rapper’s lawyer into the house. The victims’ families and many participants filed numerous lawsuits against the 30-year-old not long after the incident.

In addition, lawsuits have been filed against Live Nation, the venue, and musician Drake, who performed during Travis’ set. Travis had already been charged with “reckless” behavior during previous appearances.

Travis has issued two statements in the aftermath of the tragedy, expressing his condolences to the victims and their families. “What happened last night has completely crushed me.” In part, he wrote in a statement on November 6 that “my prayers go out to the families of all those impacted by what happened at Astroworld Festival.”

He later released a video to his Instagram stories in which he expressed his disappointment with the concert’s conclusion and mentioned that he was willing to help the families. “Right now, we’re attempting to identify the families so that we can assist them in getting through this difficult period,” he said.

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