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Shetland Season 7: Is It Under Construction & Series Updates

Shetland Season 7

Shetland Season 7 has made its admirers wait for a long time, it has been two and a half years that we have watched the Shetland on the big screens, so finally the Shetland season six is going to stream on BBC channel. So in this series, we are going to watch DI Jimmy Perez come back for another big case.

So, as the admirers are getting ready to watch season six of the series here comes bigger positive news and that is the 7th season of the series is under construction and we are going to watch season 7 soon.

Shetland Season 7: Is It Under Construction?

On the 20th of October 2021, season 6 of Shetland was premier on BBC and I went clear it’s been more than two years that the admirers were waiting for this season 6 so badly.

Shetland Season 7

in the latest series, we have watched Jimmy Perez dealing with a lot of complex things in series and he was solving a murder about Alex Galbraith who was shot dead at his house doorstep.

It’s a season seven of Shetland is going to get back?

And the answer to this question is yes the makers have already announced that Shetland has revived for the 7th season and this declaration was given in the month of December 2019 that season 6 and season 7 are going to be there.

actually, these two seasons were planned along before but due to the Covid complications these two series did not release as planned and the makers of the series made the admires wait so badly for two long years.

But there is no release date given for the 7th season of the series as the series is still under construction so we expect that season seven of Shetland might be released in the year 2022

So till season seven comes we can enjoy season six of Shetland streaming on BBC One and iPlayer.

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