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Travis Scott Is No Longer affiliated With McDonald’s and Facing Backlash after Astroworld Tragedy

Travis Scott
Travis Scott

dozens more injured, and countless traumatized.

The Houston Police and Fire Departments are still looking into what caused the slaughter at NRG Park last Friday, in which 50,000 concertgoers surged and stampeded toward the stage, crushing dozens of people.

As anxious spectators rushed to the exits, begging both Travis’ crew and venue personnel for assistance, and assisting individuals who were either unconscious or close to it, the scene turned from chaotic to deadly.

The wrongful death and negligence lawsuits are flooding in by the hour, with some speculating that the rapper and his Sicko Mode accomplice, Drake, might end up paying “billions” in damages.

In the midst of the turmoil, we discovered Scott was “not actively working with” the behemoth fast-food corporation.

On September 8, 2020, the day McDonald’s introduced the “Travis Scott Meal” for a short time, the city of Downey, California, fined him and the restaurant for hosting a surprise promotional event that drew around 500 crazy admirers.

Travis Scott Post On His Instagram

Travis Scott

The rapper captured the chaos on Instagram Live at the time, exclaiming, “This is wild,” “It’s lit!” “Today’s McDonald’s is different!” and “It’s a different kind of McDonald’s!”

Travis‘ security team had to gather around him and push him through the mob at one point since there were so many people shoving each other outside the crowded business.

The Downey Police Department tweeted at the time, “Today’s Travis Scott presence at McDonald’s was neither approved nor permitted by the City of Downey.” “When a huge crowd gathered, DPD units were dispatched and focused on traffic and pedestrian safety problems until the throng dispersed. There were no injuries recorded.”

The $6 lunch – which included a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, medium fries with barbecue sauce, and a Sprite – was available for nearly a month, until Oct. 4.

According to Forbes, Scott made an estimated $20 million from the endorsement ($5 million from the endorsement itself and $15 million from McDonald’s-themed goods sold through his label-turned-brand, Cactus Jack).

“The collaboration terminated last fall in 2020,” according to those close to the matter.