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Big Brother Star Catched While Traveling to South Africa.

Big Brother
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Big Brother Updates: Cross, a previous competitor on Big Brother Najia, the Nigerian version of Big Brother, claimed he was stopped by authorities in South Africa after breaking a curfew.

The reality star claimed he was released after informing police he was visiting the nation. Late last month, Cross was also at the heart of a naked video leak incident. Ikechukwu Cross Okonkwo was the name given to Cross when he was born.

On social media, Cross has been documenting his vacation to South Africa. He claimed in a tweet on Tuesday that he was arrested because he was out too late. “As a result, SA I was [arrested] by your cops, who informed me that there was a curfew in effect.

They took me to their office and didn’t tell me anything ooo. So, I tell them my name is Siyabonga and this is my first time in South Africa, and they grin and I think they want to let us leave ooo “According to Naija News, he allegedly wrote. “Japa Japa Omo Omo Omo Uomo They refer to me as “my bed.” Thank you very much, folks. We are finally free.”

Cross has almost 676,000 Instagram followers and 47,000 Twitter followers. He mistakenly released a nude video of himself on Snap Chat late last month, which was swiftly erased.

Big Brother was Arrested Have A Look!

Big Brother
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It was, however, up long enough for it to appear on other social media platforms.

According to Vanguard, he then apologized and stated he was only getting used to being a public celebrity. Tokunbo “TBoss” Idowu, one of his former Big Brother co-stars, informed her Instagram followers that she believes Ikechukwu purposefully leaked the footage to increase his profile.

Meanwhile, according to Punch, Cross’ mother reportedly told her son that she intends to utilize his celebrity to preach the word of God. “It’s amusing, but it’s not amusing.

Companies and brands are coming to sell their wares. I, myself, have my own product; the gospel is a product of mine “she stated “That’s why I said, ‘Cross, just as companies want you to be their ambassador, Holy Ghost School wants you to be our ambassador to preach the gospel.’

That’s exactly what I’m looking for. However, Cross, other companies may pay you, but we will not; you will do it for the glory of God.”

While businesses use social media to market their products, Cross’ mother wants him to use it to share the gospel. “Tell all your lovers, and you know there are a lot of them, that Jesus requires them,” she urged.

“As a result, bring them to the Holy Spirit. We’ll be ‘shipping’ together. Big Brother taught me the value of ‘shipping together.’ In the name of Jesus, we’re going to ship with all of your lovers and admirers.”

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