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Kayne West Wants to Finish Feud With Drake

Kayne West

Kayne West Updates: Kanye finally is prepared to end the long bitter dispute with Drake. A video was shared by J Prince, a music executive, along with the rapper on 8th November on Twitter, where it is seen that Kanye asked the Canadian rapper to join him on stage for the benefit concert which was focused on releasing Larry Hoover who a cool founder of Chicago street gang Gangster Disciples and is presently convicted.

Prince wrote along with the video that “I met with @kanyewest night in Htown at the Rothko Chapel,” and added further that “It wasn’t in my plans to meet him there but I must say I’m glad I didn’t allow a worship place for God to detour our meeting.

There will come a time in life where we all should embrace the movement thinking, over the moment thinking. Moment thinking gets us stuck in the cycle of confusion, revenge, killings, and things of darkness that take us to a place worse than slavery.”

What Kayne West Says About Ongoing Feud With Drake?

Kayne West
Free Press Journal

It is found that the Donda rapper reads from his phone in the posted video, which is here for you as: “I’m making this video to address the ongoing back and forth between myself and Drake.

Both me and Drake have taken shots at each other and it’s time to put it to rest. I’m asking Drake on December 7 to join me on stage as a special guest to share the two biggest albums of the year live in Los Angeles with the ultimate purpose being to free Larry Hoover.”

Larry’s supporters have started to point out the change that he is trying to bring among his followers by asking them to go to school instead of doing violence and to follow Growth and Development instead of Gangster Disciples, and change the messaging of GD to a positive one.

Kanye did a meeting with the then President Donald Trump bank in 2018 he wanted to reduce the jail span and addresses racial disparity for the First Step Act punishment for the drug offenders.

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