Grace and Frankie Season 8: Is it possible? Has Netflix Renewed the show?

Grace and Frankie Season 8 will happen or not? It’s the most common question between the fans of the show. Grace & Frankie is an American fun comedy show which is considered the longest-running show that runs on the Netflix platform. Although this show telecasted its new episodes of season 7 after the gap of 19 months & released 4 new episodes of season 7, this was clearly a disappointment for viewers, after a wait of 19 long months, they were solely available to telecast 4 episodes of season 7. 

Will there be more episodes in season 7 of Grace & Frankie? 

After a wait of 19 months due to pandemics, Season 7 was able to resume its production for a while, to keep the viewers attracted the Netflix released its 4 episodes on August 13. Although more episodes are on the way for season 7 of this hilarious comedy show, viewers will be served with 12 more episodes of season 7 which will surely be quite a thing for such a long wait for the fans. 

Will there be Season 8 of Grace & Frankie?

Disappointment for the fans of Grace & Frankie, season 7 will be the last season for this insanely funny show. The most enduring show of Netflix is now coming to an end with just 12 more episodes left to be telecasted. The show surely performed its purpose to the highest, It made viewers laugh & no matter how nasty their day was just an episode of Grace & Frankie will help them to lighten their mood.  

Release Date of Season 7 episodes

So far as now, Grace & Frankie is the most long-lasting American show on Netflix, Although Covid brought the stage for cessation for this show as well, Grace & Frankie managed to release the 4 latest episodes in 202, The last season of this comedy show will have 16 episodes all total & is now left to release 12 more episodes. Till now there is no announcement of the fixed date for the release of 12 episodes but are surely expected to be released in the year 2022 with the telecasting of 12 more episodes, the show will now come to an end & will always be remembered for its hilarious nature.

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