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Lis Nas X Opens Up About What He’s Looking For in a Partner

Lis Nas X
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Lis Nas X Updates: Lil Nas X, the famous American rapper of the era is still single, but Lis Nas X definitely knows what kind of a partner he is looking for. In a recent interview for ET, Lil Nas revealed that he’s looking forward to a person who is fun and is willing to be different for him every year.

Lis Nas also added that he wants his partner to be someone who is ready to try new stuff. Lil Nas also revealed that he is single and not looking to date anyone at the moment. Lis Nas also shared that he was attached to his co-star Yai Ariza, who recently did a song with him ‘What I want.

Lis Nas also added that a reconciliation might happen in the future while saying that both he and her were on very good terms. Lil Nas, dressed up in a Thom Browne.

The costumed ensemble consisted of an oversized cardigan overcoat. The costume also included a pleated skirt. Lil Nas also carried a leather bag, which was shaped like a dog and has named luna.

What Singer/Rapper Lis Nas X Shared?

Lis Nas X

The singer shared with ET that he does like to spend his money on himself. But while stating that he also added that he has a greater feeling when he helps someone with money who wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise. He also added that he has a greater feeling when he shares something and is able to give it back to his loved ones.

Adding to his thoughts on partner and spending, he also shared that he would like to go back to his hometown in Georgia. Lithia Springs, Georgia is his hometown where he grew up with his family.

While sharing about his willingness to get back to his hometown Lil Nas also added that it was nice to see his family getting into music. As in his words, his family was actually getting into music, and adding to that they love his music as much as himself.

He also added that a year ago, his family was ok about his music and now they are genuinely happy for him. He also touched upon how his family is happy for him. The artist looks in good shape and was seen very happy and vibrant with the press around him as he received a special honor from the WSJ.

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