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Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg Announce They’ve Welcomed Twins

Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung Updates: It is a piece of massive news for Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung fans as the couple welcomes twins to their life. Bryan Greenberg posted on his Instagram tagging Jamie Chung, letting the world know that they have now got “double trouble” in the house.

In the picture, the new father, Bryan, is seen holding his sons while they sleep peacefully on his chest. Although Chung is still to make the announcement through her own profile, the 38-year-old actress responded to her partner’s post with a couple of red hearts.

Many of their fellow co-stars congratulated the couple for the arrival of the little bundles of joy, including Mindy Kaling, One Tree Hill co-star, Bethany Joy Lenz, and Entourage alum Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Greenberg and Chung married each other in a beautiful Halloween ceremony in Santa Barbara, California, in 2015. It was just three years since they began dating and only a couple of months after they co-starred in the film Already Tomorrow.

What Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg Shared?

Jamie Chung
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Bryan let the world know how their marriage works. He says that they not only spend time together but also value their own personal time. Bryan shared, how while filming Already Tomorrow together in Hong Kong, they opted for separate residences.

Although it occurred weird to him at one point in time, he revealed that he is glad that they lived in different residencies for that time period. According to Greenberg, it allowed them to break up the project for a while and understand themselves better.

Similarly, Chung said that they have their own interests. They have a set of hobbies that bring them closer but they have their individual outlets as well.

Chung runs a fashion blog named What The Chung? while Greenberg has his music career. Despite their busy lives, the dynamics of their relationship are pretty flexible. It is because they respect their common, as well as personal spaces. It also shows us that how wonderful parents the couple would make.

The couple also did not disclose the children’s gender, names, and birthdates. In fact, the How to Make It in America alum and The Gifted star had maintained silence on their interest in starting a family. The children were welcomed to the world privately as well.

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