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Kylie Jenner Posts Photo of Her Bump. Click to know

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Updates: Famous model and star Kylie Jenner has always had showed off everything that happens in her personal life to the public except her first baby which was remained a secret from her fans but was leaked somehow.

So I guess we aren’t seeing that type of suspense this time from Kim. She talks about her baby no. 2 openly among fans and in interviews also. She also shares her routine on her Instagram and her pictures too.

And also recently she shared an emotional video which was a compilation for her Baby No.2 in which we can see her husband(Travis Scott)sister(Kendall Jenner) and mother(Kris Jenner) Baby(Stormi Webster).

So recently she shared one of her photos which was a shadow of her in which we can clearly see her baby bump and also wrote the caption “Growing,”. Which we can say was clearly directed towards her baby bump 2.

Yes, this is her second baby his first baby was named Stormi Webster who is now three years old. She kept her first baby fully private from media and fans although the reason is not declared yet officially.

“This is divinely beautiful,” Khloe wrote. “Wow!!!!! My beautiful, stunning sister.”

Kylie Jenner Baby Bump

Kylie Jenner

And we can see everyone praising and adoring her in comments. Se might have learned from last time that how important it is to have the support of fans undergoing such a beautiful time of a lifetime.

“Kylie loves being pregnant and enjoyed her last pregnancy out of the public eye, she wanted to be able to have some of that same experience this time — but it was not the best-kept secret!” a source told ET back in August.

“Everyone is so happy for her. She and Travis are in a great place, and this is something they talked about and really planned for.”

Everyone in her family has a different glimpse and they have their own spotlight when her first baby came he became famous just after entering this world and baby no.2 is still in the womb and is famous already and people are talking about him/her. As fans, we can hope and pray for her better life and health and she needs it also.