Mila Kunis Reveals Major Parenting Disagreement With Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis Updates: After her young daughter was pushed into preschool, Mila Kunis pushed back and said “no thank you”. Following the famous bath time debate, Mila Kunis shares another parent’s misguided pass that even her husband Ashton Kutcher can’t back down from.

Mila Kunis has appeared in Ellen Lee DeGeneres’s (He is a great American comedian) digital series great Mom Confessions, where they shared her a great controversy of views on dealing with good playground problems.

My child had a child in preschool, and it didn’t push my daughter very kindly. My daughter is coming back and then she said That the kind of little child pushed down me. By nature of me I have asked him to did you push her to the back? My daughter said, No! I said, ‘Push her next time. You push her away and say, No, thank you. You walk away.

“I turned and I saw Ashton’s face. And suddenly he said, No! But one thing is I have said to him that You need to stand up for yourself and then say no, thank you. I said, Don’t push him off the ladder, off the swing, or onto the slide, but on the floor, even Steven, you push him back. ‘I would say it was a parental failure.

What Mila Kunis Shared About Parenting?


Later in the episode, Kunis shared that he did not lie to his children – not even the “little white lie”. She shares a specific reason why. “There are two of them. You want to tell those little white lies to one, but don’t tell the other.

Don’t tell that your brother. You and I are going to get ice cream.” It naturally teaches them that lying is okay, “he says.” I didn’t have to do it, it was so hard. We’ll all be open, and sometimes being honest hurts people, that’s right. ”

Both Kutcher and Kunis have busy schedules – especially Kutcher’s many business ventures. Kunis said the couple had to come up with a parenting schedule that would allow them to stay with their children and settle down. “We represent the team!” She said. “We don’t work at the same time. We only shoot during the summer break.

The rest of the time we shoot at home.” As for the new parents, Kunis has a suggestion: Kids are like little terrorists. Don’t negotiate with them. It’s not going anywhere.

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