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My Name Season 2: Can We Expect Another Season?

My Name Season 2
Today in Bermuda

My Name Season 2 Updates: A lot of people are watching the series My Name, season 1 has successfully been completed and now it’s time for season 2 and a lot of people are waiting for season 2 to come. Season 1 of My Name is watched by most people too often now.

It was released on the 15th of October 2021. So, the actual doubt is, Is there a second season of My Name Coming?

There are a lot of Korean things over Netflix now, there is a lot of successful Korean series, movies, and all. For example, Kingdom is the victorious Korean series that revolves around zombies, another one is the Squid Game, currently, the Squid Game is streaming over Netflix in the first place, in almost all countries. If not, it is at least in the top list.

My Names series, this is a South Korean series, thriller, it is about a woman who shakes hands with the crimes boss, to take the revenge of her father’s death.

My Name: How Many Seasons Are going To Be?

Actually, the series was designed only for one season. But, we are expecting that there might be more. Season 1 has 8 episodes in total, which has a runtime of 45-58 minutes.

Can We Expect My Name Season 2?

My Name Season 2
Today in Bermuda

There was only one season designed for the My Name series. Netflix did not announce anything about season 2 of the My Name series. But, there is a chance that the makers might take a firm decision about the making of Season 2, as there is a lot of requests from the admirers.

They want the second season comes, they are hoping for the second season now, so there is an opportunity that the makers might make second season happen.

But the thing is the season 1’s story has been completed and there might not be any need for season 2, as season 1 has completed its story. But the show has gained a lot of fame, so Netflix might start the making of season 2 of My Name. So, we hope that the admirers can wait for season 2.

If season 2 of My Name would stream then there are going to be 8 episodes in total as the season 1.

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