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US officer plays Taylor Swift song to try to block video

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Updates: However, the officer’s efforts were useless as the video went viral. The video was filmed by members of the Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP), who says that it is an alliance that seeks to “eradicate police terror in communities of color”.

He himself states that he is playing the music so the video cannot be uploaded to social Media platforms. When asked if playing music in this way is part of the procedure, the officer responds: “It’s not specifically outlined”, which is not a proper answer at all.

Later in the video, the police officer confirms that: “I’m playing music so that you can’t post the recording on YouTube.” This is not an approved behaviour. It will not happen again.” It is also upon the Anti Police Terror Project’s Twitter page.

On their YouTube page, the Anti Police-Terror Project wrote: “We’d heard about this phenomenon, but no-one had captured it on video until now.

Taylor Swift

While Taylor Swift video-sharing platforms and social networks do use automated systems to flag and remove copyright material, the rules vary with circumstances.

But the idea that playing copyright music could be a tactic used by the police to avoid sharing  videos of social issues and of activists online and on social media has attracted serious attention following the removal of activist videos.

Last year in 2020, Nick Simmons and Adam Holland of Harvard University’s Lumen project, which studies copyright content removal, pointed out that a number of videos linked to Black Lives Matter protests had been removed from the platform because they contained copyrighted music which is a grave issue in itself.

And it is indeed a scary idea that protests for social causes can be silenced and prevented from reaching other people so easily using such tricks by people of law.