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EA Denies Rumors of Video Ads in Games

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EA Denies Updates: Electronic Arts have denied all rumors regarding them starting to show video ads inside their games. These rumors started after they partnered with Simulmedia. Simulmedia is a company known for its in-game advertisements system that awards players to watch video ads.

Naturally, there have been concerns where players think EA might implement that in their console games. In-game ads have become more and more common in gaming thanks to them cropping up on Oculus Quest, so some players are nervous that it might not be long before they start to show up in console titles as well.

Many fans were angry in games like Star Wars Battlefront 2, which offered premium loot boxes containing perks that could change the outcome of the game. Some players liked it a lot and some didn’t and this was pretty obvious.

Some players were also happy about them bringing ads in the game, and wanted to relive the past when in-game video ads were a thing. Thankfully, Electronic Arts have cleared their terms and conditions with their partners SimulMedia.

EA is et for a busy summer as they prepare for the announcement of a new installment of an established IP sometime later in this month. Rumors are that it is a reboot of Dead Space, which saw its last entryway back in 2013.

What EA Says About the Rumors?


Also, EA is in the works of a new installment of the Mass Effect franchise, which is currently experiencing a renaissance thanks to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition collection. Given that in-game ads are rather eye-rolling to the audience and people didn’t like it when it was rumored, EA won’t be implementing that anytime soon in the future.

However, players should take note that the company’s spokesperson did say that they were not currently concentrating on this and this might actually be implemented in the future. But right now, players can take a deep breath and start playing games without any in-game video advertisements.

What is your thought about all this Drama going on around EA and their advertisements partnerships?