Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Allegedly Cut off Controversial Son Chet Hanks

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Updates: Chet Hanks’ ex-girlfriend, Kiana Parker, hit him with a civil lawsuit in April. Parker accused the son of actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson of physically abusing her during their relationship.

According to a public report, Parker is seeking 1 million dollars in damages. Chet accused Parker of attacking him first, saying she came at him with a knife. Parker spoke to Radar Online and claimed that due to Chet’s behavior, his parents cut him off financially.

Parker said, “Our relationship was OK, but he wasn’t OK”. She even added that the reason for his parents to cut him off was that he started drinking and smoking weed, which his parents did not approve of at all. Chet had to deal with his parents which made him rather aggressive towards Parker.

Chet’s roommate was moving and he had nowhere to live and go. Parker also says that she helped him find an apartment. She also said that Hanks and Wilson were not the perfect parents that everyone had thought of.

What Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Shared About the Controversy?

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Parker also claimed that the video of Chet reeling from their fight is a fabrication. She also adds that whatever had happened was all part reel. Parker told Radar Online that the first thing Chet did was to turn on his acting instincts and that he was doing all this for the clout.

She wants justice to be served and the truth to come out. Parker added, “He’s just a different person on the internet. I was always joking with him, ‘I’m in a relationship with Chester.’ That’s his name. That’s what I called him,” she told us. “That side was loving, and he would be himself. But as soon as there was Instagram or he had me recording something that he was gonna put out, he’s ‘Chet.’ It’s kinda like, ‘Who are you today?'”

Parker bristled at the idea that she was a “Gold Digger”. She claimed that she was the one who helped him financially and also claimed their relationship had nothing to do with money. Ultimately, Parker is hoping to get an apology and wants justice to be served.

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