Margot Robbie Considers Directing A Film As Hero Next Step In Life

Margot Robbie Updates: Birds of Prey star, Margot got candid in an interview for British Vogue where she shared her thoughts and plans for her future.

Margot expressed her thought-on Women in action. She said that those are high-paying jobs from the business or statistical point of view. She wants to advocate for women writing big blockbuster action films. The Perception of ‘women are not into action’ seems ridiculous for Margot.

Being Put in a Box:

Margot has an aversion to being put in a box. She does not like being summed up in two words by others. Robbie wants to show them that she is more than that those 2 words. Being successful in a role does not mean to keep doing the same forever. Margot remarked that this is boring.

Consider slowing down in life?


Robbie does not want to slow down her pace of life. Being in her thirties or because life is a strange turn for her doesn’t mean she wants to slow down. Being in a place for a long time due to covid is strange and new for Margot.

She has been moving a million miles an hour for as long as she remembers. Margot sometimes felt scary, however, she finally feels it is ok to sit still or to even sit this one out. She told that this is the feeling she hasn’t had before.

About Margot Robbie Plan:

Margot plans to write and direct a movie in the future. She felt that those would be the biggest challenge she would have been ever faced and she might not even pull it off. She thinks that directing is a privilege and not a right.

Margot has had a story in her mind for a long time. All she has to do is to take that idea to the next stage to see whether it would work out or not.

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