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Maya and Three Trailer Revealed First Look and Latest Details

Maya and Three

Maya and Three Updates: Maya and the Three is an upcoming Mexican animated fantasy streaming television miniseries directed by George R. Created by Gutierrez and produced by Tangent Animation. The 9 episode series premiered on the Netflix platform on October 22, 2021.

The premise of the movie is a bit simple yet powerful and inspiring, Maya, a warrior princess, celebrates her fifteenth birthday, but when the gods of the underworld appear and announce that she must pay for the family’s mistakes, everything changes.

If she refuses to go, the world will be destroyed by the gods, so she goes down in an attempt to fulfill a prophecy that three warriors will appear to help defeat a deity and save humanity from destruction.

Netflix will screen the exciting new mini-series Maya and the Three, directed by L. Tigre and The Book of Life by George R. Maya and the Three Fantasy World features memorable, heartfelt, and humorous characters inspired by a strange mix of Aztec, Maya, and Inca mythology and contemporary Caribbean culture.

Maya and Three Trailer

Maya and Three

Princess Maya is a really rebellious warrior, brave, preparing to celebrate her fifteenth birthday. But the plans are reversed as the dark and powerful gods of the underworld claim that Maya’s life belongs to Lord Mictlan, the god of war, and is sacrificed as compensation for his family’s past mistakes.

Denial means that the whole world will experience the wrath of God … that is if Maya is unable to fulfill an ancient prophecy foretelling great warriors – Bitch Puma Barbarian, Ricoh Rooster Guide, and Simi the Skull Warrior – who will join her to defeat the gods and restore balance to the world.

Exciting, isn’t it? Check out Romber’s exclusive sneak peek below, in which Maya and Rico meet the earthquake god Capra Kane (Danny Trejo) and the crocodile god Sibaktli (Rosie Perez).

The nine-episode series features many celebrities including Joe Saldana, Alan Maldonado, Stephanie Beatrice, Gabriel Iglesias, Diego Luna, Queen Latifah, Wycliffe Jean, Rita Moreno, and many more. In an interview with Collider, Guterres likens the Maya to The Lord of the Rings – told as an integrated story piece – but inspired by the often unexplored cultures and myths in the realms found in fictional genres, modeled on medieval Europe.

Most Recently, at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival(AIAFFL), Guterres described the series as “hyper, hyper, hyper love letter, ancient culture and Mexican culture of the Caribbean, Mesoamerica, and South American culture.”

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