Kevin Feige Opens Up About How They Saved the Spider-Man Deal with Sony

Kevin Feige Updates: Kevin Feige is a person behind the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe and we can even consider him as the true architect of the MCU. Kevin recalls the emotional situation that was prevailed, both in Marvel and Sony, when the Spider-Man deal was put off.

Kevin Feige, The President of Marvel Studios, reveals what happened behind the stage when Marvel and Sony called off their deal on Spider-Man collaboration.

MCU made a partnership with Sony, back in 2015, that allowed MCU to bring the Spider-Man character into Marvel. With Tom Holland stars as Peter Parker, MCU released 5 films with Spider-Man characters. The Spider-Man character had two stand-alone films and another two with the Avengers.

MCU decided to include the Spider-Man character directly into the storyline via Captain America: Civil War film, given that everyone already knew the backstory of the character. The Spider-Man character was given a chance to establish the connection with other heroes in MCU starting with Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

What Kevin Feige has to say about the Deal?

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Tony Stark was the mentor for the character until he died in Avengers: Endgame. MCU’s way of handling the Spider-Man character was subjected to strong criticisms. Many thought that the Spider-Man character being mentored by Tony Stark diverges from the comic book character of Spider-Man.

But the major disappointment for the fans was when they came to know that Spider-man was no longer part of the MCU. Kevin shared that this was an emotional breakdown for both Marvel and Sony studios.

He felt grateful and lucky for being able to film two films with the Spider-Man character. In a recent video with Rotten Tomatoes, Kevin said that they have decided to move forward with the deal and they don’t want politics or any other issues to complicate the deal.

Tom Holland played a crucial part in making the deal with Sony, says former Disney CEO Bob Iger. Tom Holland expressed that this was a tough time for him and he was very sincere in bringing the Spider-Man character back to the MCU. Thanks to the combined efforts of Disney, Marvel, Sony, and Tom Holland, we can now witness the new Spider-man single movie, “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

Spider-Man: No Way HomeIt is quite surprising to see Kevin Feige addressing this issue as it was nothing more than an emotional agreement. We can be sure that both studios might have reached common ground on this problem and that is what made the rest possible.

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