The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Season 2 Cameo Scenes & Other Details

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Season 2 Updates: People from all over the countries are overwhelmed to hear that The Witcher story maker Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has signed a contract to change this world into Netflix’s “version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.” But before it gets accomplished, WCU has been set in motion and thankful for the release of an animated prequel called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.

As the series is produced by Studio Mir, this new film will focus on Vesemir, a daring and young witcher who freed himself from his poverty life to kill monsters for coin.

The name Vesemir clicks the minds of fans who recall his name mentioned in season one. But in case if you forgot something, Vesemir is the Witcher who has trained “our Witcher” in everything he knows. We might not see Geralt of Rivia if there will be no Vesemir.

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Geralt also learned his love of bath time from Vesemir nevertheless the first scene of the film will be else. But there will lot more scenes in Nightmare of the Wolf rather than demon-slaying and bare ass. The fact is that this animated film is more important for the future installment of The Witcher.

According to Netflix, Nightmare of the Wolf happens in the year 1165; 98 years before we met Geralt in season one. There are also scenes of flashbacks of Vesemir’s childhood in the year 1100 but here what’s important here is that what scenes they are going to present year, i.e. 1165.

The official season 2 trailer has talked much of the action that will be happening in Kaer Morhen where Geralt was brought up by Vesemir so it will be no surprise if these two will reunite. The pictures of sets confirm this fact along with some new arrivals of new Witchers.

It will be interesting to be seen as season 2 starts to fill the gap but Vesemir said to Geralt in the ending scene: “There will always be another monster.” Both the Witchers will be facing horror content in this season, the few audiences from their past could end imposing a threat to both of them rather than any mere monster can.

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